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Kimkins Admins

I am not talented enough to come up with something so brilliant so I shamelessly copied this post from LCF, made by Jazlyn “Ok, this is my take on the admins over at the kimpire. A 400 lb bondage master who continues to promote kimkins even though his slave has been hospitalized. Power before health..good […]

Kimkins – Lessons Learned

This entire Kimkins debacle has changed how I view the internet, and it’s not been in a good way. What I didn’t do before, but will do now: Don’t assume that you are talking to an actual person. It could be a sock puppet. Don’t assume that the person is telling the truth. Just because […]

Kimkins – I am Banned

So much for a lifetime membership. When trying to log into kimkins this morning I find that I do not have access due to TOS violation. I have not posted on kimkins for months and I have not been very active on the anti-kimkins boards either (not because I didn’t want to; there were just […]

Kimkins – A Cult

I found an article by Barry Beyerstein (professor of neuropsychology at Simon Fraser University in Canada) describing cults and wanted to see how this compares to kimkins. My comments are in blue. Who is vulnerable to cult recruitment? We all are at some time in our lives. Most of us satisfy the foregoing needs within […]

Things To Do With $60 Instead of Buying a Kimkins Membership

Kimmer has a blog where she is trying to show that the best thing you can do is to pay $60 to her! Read some of the links and you’ll see why this is a really bad idea. I can not think of one person that deserves the money less than she does. Some of […]

Kimkins – Diet Guru?

Would you pay $60 to join a diet website run by this woman? If you already did, please consider joining the class action suit:

Kimkins – Interesting reading

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