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Kimkins Lifetime Membership – Another Lie

Kimkins cost $59.95 for a lifetime membership! The media has done a good job lately with exposing Kimmer’s fraud and the dangers of the Kimkins diet. However, little has been said about losing the money you paid for your membership on a whim of a Kimkins admin. While some uninformed dieters might be tempted to […]

Kimkins Hiding Assets?

With the Kimkins class action lawsuit under way, Kimkins‘ assets have been frozen. This includes Kimkins‘ PayPal account and Kimkins can no longer accept credit card payments. The sign-up page states “We are redesigning out credit card payment page” which means that Heidi Diaz is researching how to sign up for a credit card service […]

Kimkins – Kimmer talks about the lawsuit

From the deposition of Kimmer and Kimkins: Tiedt: reading heidi’s email to her in depo “can you imagine him telling the judge that he wants a certified class action suit against a housewife hee hee hee” to heidi: That is your statement is that correct? Heidi: “yes…pause….is it too late to take that back giggle […]

Kimkins Diet Failure

Who would pay for diet advice from this woman? Kimmer/Heidi Diaz is back at the helm at Kimkins, touting her usual advice to cut carbs, calories and fat. She supposedly is following her own diet presently, but the pictures prove that she hasn’t been too successful in the past. No doubt has Kimmer used Kimkins […]

Kimkins – Tippy Toes lost her job!

This was just posted by Tipsy: “Re; Damage Control Bootcamp Challenge 1 Day, 1 Hour agoI am taking a computer break for a while. Been fighting with DH over the time I spend here. He wins and he is right (but don’t tell him) . So carry on, stay safe and stay over 800 calories […]

Kimkins – Want to know where your membership money went?

Heidi Diaz/Kimmer has said on many occasions that “her proceeds from Kimkins go to the foster kids.” And she also said: “Re:How about a weight loss challenge to benefit Kimmer’s foster kids? 1 Year, 4 Months ago You know, it’s hard to type with tears in your eyes. How unbelievably generous you guys are!I wasn’t […]

Kimkins – Coming clean???

A few days ago, Kimmer said:“OK, so it’s time to come clean.” At the same time, she posted a “current” photo of herself, giving her weight as 294 lbs. Yeah, right. About the same time she posted this photo, her picture was taken at the deposition in the lawyer’s office. Yes, here I can believe […]

Kimkins – Admin Gary

It is clear to me that there are many Sock Puppets on Kimkins, and probably the most obvious of them is Lasttime4me, or Gary as his assumed name is. Some “facts” taken from his posts: Stated age (previously, no longer there) was 54. Does the above picture look like a 54 year old to you? […]

Kimkins – Tippy Toes on FOX

Tippy is really excited about being invited to the “Diet Scam” feature on Mike & Juliet Morning Show On Monday 11/12. If I were her, I wouldn’t be too happy about it. How on earth does she think she can defend the scam and promote Kimkins? I can see her comments being like this (note, […]