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Tippy is really excited about being invited to the “Diet Scam” feature on Mike & Juliet Morning Show On Monday 11/12. If I were her, I wouldn’t be too happy about it. How on earth does she think she can defend the scam and promote Kimkins? I can see her comments being like this (note, mainly her own words are used; I’d like to think I usually write a little better than this):

And Tippy might want to remind herself of what she has said in the past, in case it’s brought up:

From her own success story, where she points out that she lost most of the weight on Atkins and has not done Kimkins continuosly, but cycles with Atkins:

I began the Atkins diet in April 2004. The weight loss process was going smoothly and I learned a whole new way of cooking. The food was delicious and I did eat very large quantities (still do).

However, as I reached 215 lbs two things happened. A Doctor put me on a long course of antibiotics to treat facial Rosacia AND I entered peri-menopause. For the next six months I struggled to lose weight but could not. Out of sheer desperation I began to do Atkins Fat Fast for a few days each month at an average loss of three pounds a month. It was horrible! I was starving and felt terrible after each round. But I was desperate …

Then a wonderful friend told me about Kimkins! Despite the fact that Kimkins was low in calories like the fat fast, I soon found that Kimkins plans were MUCH more satisfying, took the weight off quickly and best, I felt GREAT! But, I still had/have this huge appetite lurking so I began to alternate Kimkins with Atkins by sticking with Kimkins for two weeks, then switching back to Atkins to maintain the loss for two weeks.

Should my weight go over my comfort zone just a couple days of Kimkins takes me back to where I need to be. I still think Atkins is a wonderful plan and helps with maintenance also but between the two plans I have found a perfect balance.

And let’s not forget the story TT wrote on KK:

“Once upon a low carb time there were two women. One could make things happen on the web–BIG THINGS. The other had a diet plan that worked very well. Together they formed a partnership and was born. Soon the partnership split and the one with the diet bought out the one who could make things happen on the web–paid 100% off in full. Still, this wasn’t good enough for the person who could make big things happen on the web. She became very angry and spiteful. She soon created fictional charactors to come forward with supposed horror stories in a mass effort to take Kimkins down. This is know as “If I can’t have it no one can”. The person who could make big things happen on the web created also a Duck to hide behind since it is rather hard to sue a duck for slander… And the person who could make big things happen on the web continued to do so BUT the one with the diet plan and website continued as well.” End of story

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We do realize this may not be pretty. But it is going to be a lot better than if the opposition had just snuck past us and surprised us later, afterwards with it which is what they tried to do. We have proof of that. In fact, without saying too much, we have proof of a lot of things…

who does this sound like ???

I really hope Tippy will take this approach during the show. Will that make her look stupid or what?

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