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What the Mike&Juliet Show didn’t tell you about Kimkins

You might have seen the re-run of the Mike&Juliet show yesterday, featuring the Kimkins diet scam (links at the end of this post). They showed that the diet is nutritionally deficient and that the founder, Kimmer aka Heidi Diaz, lied about her alleged weight loss. Heidi Diaz claimed to have lost 198 pounds in one […]

New Diet

Making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight in 2008? Looking for a new diet that will make it easy to shed the pounds? Considering finding one on the internet? The Diet Detective has a good article what to look for and what to avoid. It is interesting to see how the fad diet of […]

Magic Diet

I earlier made a post about the Magic Chicken Diet using the Day 1 menu. I thought I would revisit the subject, now choosing a day from the 2nd week’s “modified” sample menu. While I don’t understand why anyone would use canned chicken for anything, this is what was recommended in the menu. That day, […]

Kimkins Diet

Looking for a new diet? There are many, many offerings online and most of them ask you for money. Some have inventive names such as Kimkins, The Magic Chicken Diet, The Genie Diet, and the WeightLoss4Idiots diet to name a few. How do you know if they offer value for your money, or if they […]

Free Diet Support

New Year’s Resolution to lose weight? Looking for the magic pill? There are many online resources for weight loss. They all promise FAST, EASY, TURBO weight loss, provided that you either buy their product, pay to download a program, or pay a fee to join a support forum. They typically use pretty pictures with slim […]

Merry Christmas

Ruffled Feathers

I literally stumbled over the Magic Chicken Diet a couple of weeks back. A web search for Kimkins led me to Getafreelancer where someone was soliciting a web designer to make a website that should look like a clone of the Kimkins website. Having heard rumors that Kimmer had a backup site prepared, I was […]

$19.95 Camp Fee

Camp Carbaway announced: “Our plan is to go “Public” on Jan 1 2008. Starting on that day new members will be asked to pay a registration fee of $19.95.” “There will not be any more approval process in the new system. Anyone can pay the $19.95 and join. This may cause issues, but we are […]

Kimorexia, Anorexia and Bulimia

One of the earliest blogs to take up the fight against Kimkins was Kimorexia but as other blogs started to appear, Kimorexia became idle. As of today, it is back in business. WELCOME BACK! And, staying with the subject of anorexia and bulimia, Medusa has a very important post today: ANOREXIA NERVOSA & BULIMIA NERVOSA…AND […]

Just Saying………..

Nothing. Some blogs are best to ignore, especially when they will not “allow” comments.