Tippy Toes’ new website?

Reportedly, this is where Tippy Toes is making a new “home.”

You have to register to enter the “Campfire” bulletin board and it does not look as you have to pay anything, yet.

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I second Shelly’s idea for coffeytogo! As always, Pami has done a spectacular job, and her recipes are just wonderful! Well done, Pami!

Did you see—it is easier to get into the white house than trying to join TT’s site…..

she’s gonna have an itty bitty site…

bama – Very few posts as well. She prefer to use PM.

I wonder if she will be reading everyone’s pm’s like Heidi???

If someone just can guide this technically challenged gal on how to do it, I’m sure she will read ALL PM’s. A dream come true for Tripsy.

And she will need a ban button for when the pre-screening didn’t work out.

wow Mariasol, Mark Interrante’s been here — amazing artist.

wonder if Kimmer will sue cause they lifted her Kimkins.com eating plan

Yust – Yes, I saw that Mark had been here so I had to look him up. i agree, amazing! I think he found me from Jimmy’s place when the chicken coop came up.

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