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Making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight in 2008? Looking for a new diet that will make it easy to shed the pounds? Considering finding one on the internet?

The Diet Detective has a good article what to look for and what to avoid. It is interesting to see how the fad diet of 2007, Kimkins, failed on practically all the critical points in the article:

What are the right questions to ask about any online weight-loss program?

The only “benefit” with Kimkins, is the message board. The diet is outlined for FREE on FREE boards, so no need to sign up to find out that you can lose weight eating less than 500 calories per day.
The Kimkins message board is monitored by the “diet guru” Kimmer, who did not lose the 198 pounds she claimed and did not keep them off.
Kimmer rules the board with a firm hand, and any question that could be seen as critical results in immediate banning without a refund.

Not really, unless you want to include the Smooth Move Tea, Epsom salt or egg white products that are promoted on the site.

$59.95 for Lifetime membership but it’s not clear what “Lifetime” means. Looking at the reports on Kimkins Survivors, there is a risk that it could be YOUR Lifetime.

Not unless you count ER costs that you might incur from following Kimmer’s diet advice. Again, see the stories on Kimkins Survivors.

No and no. The program was developed by a still obese woman that lied about her weight loss.

No and no and no. The only “expertize” on the site is by a self-proclaimed guru that didn’t lose weight herself.

What cancellation policy? “Electronic media is non-refundable.” If you have been banned, please join the lawsuit.

No exercise required! And the certified professional that at one time offered advice on the site has been banned.

All blog posts are written by the self-proclaimed diet guru, Kimmer, or one of her aliases. Of course, most of them consist of material copied from articles available on the internet.

Very restrictive is an understatement. VLCD (very low calorie diet) is an accurate label. Please read the stories on Kimkins Survivors for feedback from people that tried this diet.

Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer “Diet Guru”

Also from the Diet Detective article:

Blatner also warns against “scam” sites. They usually:

  • Promise a quick fix
  • Make claims that sound too good to be true
  • Give recommendations based on a single research study (or none at all)
  • List good and bad foods
  • Make dramatic statements that are refuted by reputable scientific organizations

Kimkins is guilty of all of these.

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Another great post!
You are my hero!
Hopefully, the new year’s resolution diet seekers will not fall for the Kimkins diet plan. And those that already have will join the Kimkins Lawsuit

Awesome post, and awesome blog overall. I just linked to you again, this article is great and definitely appropriate for this time of year!

Lowcarbmagi – Thank you for your comment and link. You have a great blog but I didn’t leave a comment tonight as I haven’t signed up for vox. I did add you to my blogroll.

Excellent post! Gives all the facts about Kimkins. New Year’s resolution diet seakers need to head the warning and if you’ve already joind Kimkins…join the lawsuit!

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