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The Chicken Diet is Magically Revived

Perhaps it was just a simple matter of paying GoDaddy’s bill after all. So what about Kimmer having the site shut down for being a Kimkins clone? We know not to trust anything that Heidi, the Lying Liar that Lies, says but what about the son in law? Perhaps it wasn’t the son in law. […]

Chicken, chicken and more chicken

Kimkins Exhausted has posted the menu plan for the Magic Chicken Diet. It doesn’t look good to me, even if you like chicken. Let’s take a look at the first day’s menu: Breakfast: 4 chicken stripsSnack: 1 cheese stickLunch: Grilled chicken salad from Sonic (onion ring removed)Snack: 5 strawberries and Diet JelloDinner: Grilled chicken filet […]

Tippy – It’s All About Money

Tippy posted an undated and snipped email exchange with Kimmer on her blog. Surely, this is in reference to Kimmer telling Tippy that she will no longer be paid. (Or perhaps this was when the pay cut was made, as according to Tippy she first had a pay cut before being taken off the payroll […]

Kimmer trying to put out the Camp Fire?

Tippy Toes posted and email exchange between Kimmer and Brian, the webmaster of Tippy’s new site. You can read it on Medusa‘s blog. Based on the email from Kimmer, it certainly seems that Heidi is angry with Tippy Toes. But with Kimmer being the Lying Liar that Lies, I really don’t know what to make […]

The Campsite opens the gates?

Reportedly, the Camp Fire will open the gates to “the world” whatever that means. No 3rd grade interrogation? Are ducks allowed on campgrounds? Perhaps Tripsy’s ban finger is starting to itch. What’s the fun with everybody behaving? Trippy thrives on drama. Will there be a gate fee? I hope Brian budgeted for enough bandwidth.

Watch Us Lose – Not!

Jumping ship from the Kimtanic into the Camp Fire When Kimmer had to remove the fake success stories from the kimkins front page, she instead put up pictures of four people that were starting out: “Watch us lose in real time.” Kimmer was one of them, after having admitted to not being the 118 lbs […]

Magic Chicken blames Kimmer for shutdown

I had a comment last night, and in order not to have it hidden in an older post, I copied it in full here. Hulon Pate said: Here is it is for the record. My name is Hulon Pate, im 33 years old and Bonnie & David Son in law. David and Bonnie Own a […]

The Magic Chicken Died?

Magic Chicken smells……..

Rotten? I don’t know yet. But it certainly isn’t good. We already concluded that the diet site, and the diet, is a clone of kimkins. This could be explained by Bonnie or David being early kimkins members and deciding to cash out on Bonnie’s weight loss by having their own pay site. (However, Bonnie’s weight […]

Tippy Toes’ new website?

Reportedly, this is where Tippy Toes is making a new “home.” You have to register to enter the “Campfire” bulletin board and it does not look as you have to pay anything, yet.