Blaming Kimkins Dieters instead of Kimmer

I have started this post half a dozen times, and can’t seem to get a grip to make it organized and coherent. It’s because I’m angry.

Kimmer and her sock puppets say that the former Kimkins dieters “should have known better” than to drop calories below 500. No. Kimmer should have known better than to promote a diet that provides less than 500 calories and to suggest laxative abuse. Kimmer claims to be an expert in dieting and the members paid to get access to her expert advice. Shouldn’t she know that a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) would result in health problems? She, that researched for 10 years? Kimmer is to blame, not the people that took her advice.

Kimmer and her sock puppets say that it’s our individual responsibility to do our research before we start a diet. Surely, Kimmer never wanted us to do any research, as then there wouldn’t be a today. The original plan is available for FREE on FREE sites with better support. And on the FREE sites, you would not be subjected to the “Plan Behind The Plan” which was to lower calories below starvation levels.

Kimmer and her sock puppets say that we should have shown the diet plan to our doctor for his/her approval. Showing the original Kimkins Diet that allows “unlimited lean protein and enough fat to make it work” to a doctor would probably not result in any objection. However, showing the typical Fitday of a Kimkins dieter that followed the Plan Behind The Plan would surely lead to alarm. I can’t see any doctor wanting to keep his/her license approve of 500 cals or less per day.

And what Kimmer and her sock puppets do not address at all is the fraud and the scam. Are the victims to blame for that also? That a normal person could not even envision the type of lying that Kimmer has done? That someone would actually steal photos from Russian Bride sites and post them as success stories? Is that the victims fault? No. Kimmer is to blame. Kimmer committed fraud. Kimmer lied. Kimmer scammed members out of money.

Read the stories on Kimkins Survivors. Are these people to blame? Did any of them do anything wrong? Was it wrong to want to lose weight and believe what Kimmer told them? To not recognize Kimmer as a scam artist? I think not. Kimmer is to blame.

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Did anyone else notice that Heidi, lawyer and KK’ers hit incessantly on the health angle the way Kimkins is written NOW? No one mentions how it used to be presented. They don’t mention the fraud, the lies, the intentional deceptions. It’s not the health angle that will take her down – it’s the FRAUD!!! It’s not about the money to the ducks; it is about justice. (And to some, no doubt, a bit of retribution for their sufferings.)Winning the lawsuit will bring some justice. Shutting Heidi down for good will bring more.

Amen, Mariasol!!!

Always good to hear from someone who is as angry at Kimkins as I am!

Anonymous – Her plan as published now is:
“It’s best not exceed the 1000 cals, 20 carbs, 20-30 fat grams, and keep the Protein at 60-90 grams per day. These are the limits for newbies, but you will find that as you stick with the plan you will see lower numbers in all the above categories. If you have any other questions or need help PM me anytime, I love to help.”
Do the math. High is 710 cals, low is 500 cals. And this is for “newbies” and “you will see lower numbers.”

OYB – I think better when I’m not angry, but “blame the victims” just made me mad. Wonder if they blame anorexics too? Shouldn’t they also “know better?”

A big thing with abusers — and that’s what Kimmer is, an abuser — is to blame their victims.

You say Kimmer should have known better — she did. She knew, has always knows, and still knows, exactly what she’s doing. That’s what’s so chilling about all this — the abuse, the cruelty, is conscious and willful and calculated.

Heidi K. Diaz is evil. Period. And until the government of the United States steps in to protect American citizens, Heidi K. Diaz will continue being evil, will continue abusing and blaming those she abuses.

Blame the victim is a classic diversionary tactic to take responsibility off the one to whom the blame belongs. Somehow I am not surprised that Heidi has stooped to this.

Excellent post, Mariasol!

Kimmer and her sock puppets always lay blame on everyone and everything but never Kimmer herself and the Kimkins starvation diet. And this makes me not angry…it makes me FURIOUS!

How dare she and her sock puppets continue to do this!!! I swear I will keep after her until she’s wearing orange and looking through the bars of her jail cell. She ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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Great post, Mariasol.

Medusa, you are right about the sock puppets, but it’s not just the sock puppets that blame the dieters. The other big culprit are the people who don’t even do the diet they paid for, call it safe, and criticize people who do it, and say they are taking it to extremes. Kimmer creates that environment.

OYB – I understood exactly what you meant. And I hate how Kimmer manages to bring out the ugly side in people. There are many I knew and liked that I have come to see in a totally different light since they joined kimtology.

Great post…I couldn’t have said it any better!!

WOW – Fantastic post!
I’m still angry too! Even though I’ve tried to keep my blood pressure in check. I still find myself fuming when I read the BS spewing from the Kimmer/Kimkinites.
You are right! Kimmer is to blame!!

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