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Maintaining Weight Loss

Any VLDC (Very Low Calorie Diet) such as Kimkins will cause you to lose weight. How could it not? Eating 500, or even 800, calories per day has to result in weight loss. Your body is burning calories whether they come from food or your stored fat/muscle. If you start at a high weight, the […]

Crazy Magic Chicken

I don’t really know how to comment on what going on over at magicchickendiet.netWell, it’s obvious that David Luper (or whoever it is) is mighty upset with yucky. For what, I have no idea. It’s not like the Magic Chicken Diet was making business and that blogging about it interfered with their plans. Or did […]

Kimkins Food

Apparently, even Kimmer thought this Kimkins K/E meal I showed the other day looked miserable. But at least it was MY photo and cooked according to K/E rules with the suggested serving size of 4 oz (raw weight!). This is what Kimmer said on Kimkins blog today, answering a question whether to do K/E or […]

VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diets)

While all Kimkins Diet Plans are Very Low Calorie, the Shake Plan is the only one that has a given calorie limit. (The other Plans have suggested serving sizes, which automatically makes them low calorie, as shown here: Kimkins Diet Plans.) It is based on 0 – 4 shakes, max 200 cals/4 carbs each. EAS […]

The Gravy Diet

Kimkins has a new competitor on the internet: The Gravy Diet! How the Gravy Diet works: While mainstream medical science kept telling people to lose weight by changing their diets and exercising more often, Dr. Morgan kept working towards his dream of providing people with a quickfix diet that would allow people to lose massive […]

Kimkins Diet Plans

KIMKINS BOOT CAMPThe most popular Kimkins Option! 30 minutes of intense daily exercise required BreakfastUp to 2 eggs (cooked without fat)Up to 1/2 cup List 2 veggiesUp to 2 oz lean ham or other lean protein (raw/cured weight)Unlimited non-calorie beverage LunchUp to 4 oz lean protein (raw weight)Up to 2 cups mixed greens + Wishbone […]

Kimkins Diet Blogs

Many wonder why we bloggers keep on writing about Kimkins, and some call us “haters” and claim that we “don’t have a life”. For me, the answer is easy. Read Kimkins Survivors As long as is still up and running, I will keep on blogging about it. I have hope that it will not […]

Kimkins still a VLCD Diet

Despite recent efforts to try to “clean up”, Kimmer is still pushing very low calories. For the pinky swear challenge that started yesterday, February 1, Kimmer had promised to share some weight loss “secrets”. She announced the first “secret” yesterday; eat like a post-op WLS patient! This is what she said:“I’ll share a secret […]

Kimkins Pinky Swear

The new Kimkins challenge starts today, February 1. Does anybody really believe that Kimmer will keep a promise of not cheating during the month of February based on a pinky swear? This morbidly obese woman that has lied a million times about her weight to thousands of people during the last 8 years? What difference […]