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Kimkins Scam on Headline News

INSIDER EXCLUSIVE An abbreviated version is available on YouTube Magicsmom did a fantastic job of representing the plaintiffs in the Class Action Lawsuit against Kimkins. Magicsmom was an early member of Kimkins, did try the diet (which backfired on her like it does for many, many people) and has been banned for no reason. She […]

Revisiting the MCD

Timeline: We discover the MCD on December 10, 2007 The MCD website goes down on December 13, 2007 Hulon Pate, Bonnie’s son-in-law, leaves a comment on my blog on December 14, 3:30 AM On December 15 (according to Tippy’s shortlived blog) Heidi Diaz sends an email to Brian (at the Camp) claiming to have shut […]

Wannabe Duckies Hard at Work

Searching for Sockpuppets….

SingingLass wants Attention

SingingLass has been a member of LCF since 08/25/2004 and was posting, starting in June 2006, as a “regular” dieter until she joined Kimkins in June 2007. Singing Lass has since made some posts on FWK, in support of Kimkins. But on March 16, Singing Lass chose to create a sockpuppet on LCF, LittleSina, drawing […]

Deception on the Internet

Photo Illustation: Christopher Griffin This story has nothing to do with Kimkins and Heidi Diaz, but I think there are parallels in showing how easy it is to create an online persona that has little to do with the real person behind it. An IM Infatuation Turned to Romance. Then the Truth Came Out.

Singing Lass in the Spotlight

As an aspiring opera singer, Kimkins Admin Singing Lass, aka Delaney Deaver, most likely loves being in the spotlight. However, being in the spotlight of the Kimkins scandal is not going to be an accomplishment she would want to add to her resume. Delaney has refused to leave Kimkins despite being encouraged to do so […]

Twisting the Truth

Kimmer copies information from various sites to her blog, typically without reference to the source. She also has no problem editing the text to suit her purposes. In a post today, titled “High Fat Diets and High Blood Pressure”, Kimmer says:“In a study of healthy young women, one group ate a high fat fast food […]

Writ of Attachment

John Tiedt, the plaintiffs’ lawyer in the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit, reports that the Writ of Attachment still stands. A writ of attachment is a court order to ‘attach’ or seize an asset. It is issued by a court to a law enforcement officer or sheriff. The writ of attachment is issued in order to […]

Yucky is Ducky

That’s what Tippy says. But then Tippy has been wrong before. She had “proof” that Melly was Ducky. She had “proof” that the Banta Babes were out to “get her”: In a PM September 20th (my first blog post was Sept. 22 so that’s not what she refers to as the “link”):I also see some […]

Blowing the MCD tip

One week ago, I posted an open link to the forum at the Magic Chicken Diet. As this happened shortly before the “Blame Everything on Yucky/Mimi Day” yucky got unfairly accused of “blowing the MCD tip”. As far as I understand, yucky saw the link on my blog, and then posted it. At least it […]