2 More Weeks of Magic Chicken

Created on: 02-May-07
Expires on: 02-May-08

The Magic Chicken Diet that was made as a clone of Kimkins (both the web site and the diet itself) might be gone in a couple of weeks if the domain is not renewed. We have already seen a number of former pro-Kimkins sites being put up for auction. Will this one be next?

I still can not understand what purpose this site is supposed to have. Bonnie can certainly not make any money from it.

There seem to be no paying members. She can not expect to get any paying members either as she now had disabled the registration process for her forum.

Bonnie herself hasn’t been on the site for more than two weeks. Her last visit was when the ducks flocked in via the open access directly into the forum. Bonnie was upset with the “freeloaders” and banned a few of them. However, she couldn’t even do this right. She banned their IP but not the User. The link is still open unless you try to access it from a banned IP.

There was an attempt in early January to add another success story, and pictures were taken as is evident from Bonnie’s MySpace album. But the pictures never made it up on the website. They don’t seem to be able to do it themselves and apparently is not paying anybody to handle the site for them. Even existing pictures of Bonnie are now gone from the site.

Was this venture just done on a whim by a husband that was proud that his wife had lost weight and wanted to show her off to the world? And then none of them had the interest or the energy to make it into a real business?

If so, my guess it that the domain will not be renewed. In my opinion, that is a good thing. As real as Bonnie’s weight loss success seems to be, we don’t need another starvation diet like Kimkins sold on the internet.


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whoa, this is interesting indeed! We can’t even imagine what’s gonna happen. Any bets?

Hmmm…so what would that mean for the member(s) who did pay. Will there be a refund?

Refund? That depends on what “Lifetime” means. Perhaps lifetime of the website? I don’t think Kimmer will willingly issue refunds when kimkins.com gets shut down and I can’t see the Chicken lady doing it either.

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