Kimkins No Exercise Diet

That is how the Kimkins starvation diet is promoted. Get slim without ever having to break a sweat. Look like the pretty girl in the red dress after you have lost 200 pounds in one year and are 49 years old.


Of course, now we know that she really looks like this:


Seems that the “no-exercise” diet didn’t work for her.

I’m going to share my weight loss story. It’s anecdotal but so is Kimmer’s. Except my story is true and hers isn’t.

When turning 46, I had slowly put on about 20 pounds over a couple of years. Before then, I had been a “naturally skinny” person for reasons that are unknown to me (and the medical community at large, it seems).

Vanity didn’t send me to the gym, but my doctor did. At my annual check up, he was lecturing me about my cholesterol and the risk for osteoporosis (small bones). I refused to even consider medication for it, and bit the bullet and started to go to the gym.

I lost 16 pounds over a period of 5-6 months. No diet at the time. I looked great (well, my body did) and I felt great. Next annual showed perfect cholesterol and the doctor didn’t even say anything about possible bone loss. The latter might be due to me not shrinking. I was still the same 5’6″ as I always had been.

I maintained my weight loss for over two years, and then the pounds started to creep back on again. Why? I didn’t stop exercising but went to the gym much less often and stopped challenging myself.

This time, life changes had made the gym less practical and I decided to try to diet off the pounds instead. Did it work? Not really. One month of Atkin’s induction showed no weight loss at all. Not even a single pound.

The gym still not being practical, I somehow found callanetics. Callanetics is a great workout to do at home, and I highly recommend it. It looks deceivingly simple but try it, and you will see that it isn’t. Or better yet, have your husband to try it with you. If he is anything like mine, you’ll laugh your a$$ off. Callanetics requires both flexibility and coordination which is not all that common in men, at least not if they are older.

This time, it also took me about 5-6 months to get back to my goal weight, from combined regular exercise and a low carb diet.

Did I try Kimkins? Yes, I did. This was at the time when she dominated LCF and I tried it a few times when I was frustrated at lack of scale movement. I never lasted more than a few days on this starvation diet. And, no, it wasn’t from carb withdrawal as I was already low in carbs. Most important, however, was that by the 3rd day, I could no longer exercise. That seemed counter productive so I gave up any quick fix attempt and went back to regular low carb with enough nutrition to carry me through my workouts.

Last fall, I regained 5 pounds. Why? Hmm, I stopped exercising again. See a pattern here? I do.

Now I’m back in the gym (no longer being able to motivate myself to get it done at home) and have gotten rid of 4 of the 5 pounds.

Exercise might not be required for weight loss for you, but it is for me.


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Me too Mariasol! Without exercise my loss is creaping – but it is going in the right direction. The winter has had me inactive for a while here.

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