Kimkins when Traveling

Is it even possible? For me, it wouldn’t be. Look at a typical Kimkins approved meal as illustrated in my post here: Kimkins Food

How could I possibly eat like that when traveling? 4 oz chicken and a “finger grab” salad for dinner? Egg white omelet instead of the breakfast buffet? Not a chance. I don’t have that type of willpower. I’m not strong enough. I don’t want it bad enough. I’m a sissy. If I had been eating at Kimkins starvation levels, the deprivation would make me EAT when food was put in front of me.

I travel for work. A lot. During the four years I have been lowcarbing, I have applied different strategies, with varying success. Small portions, skipping most carbs but not freaking out from a few, no snacks and deciding that hunger it not an emergency is what is presently working well for me.

In the beginning, I would try to stay strict lowcarb. That worked, with one exception. Snacks. Instead of eating the airplane meal (when they even serve one) I would bring nuts with me. Macadamia or almonds. The problem is that I don’t have any portion control when it comes to nuts. Eating a handful will just make me want another handful until the bag is gone. No nuts in my carry-on any more.

At the airport, I don’t eat a meal if I’m not hungry at the time. I know I will not get anything on the plane, or what they serve will not be lowcarb, but so what? I can eat when I arrive. Temporary hunger is not a lethal condition. (People with blood sugar problems might need a different approach.)

During long flights, I eat the meal served. Often also the carb portion of the meal. I don’t worry about it as the serving is very small anyway. No way to overeat if I don’t bring any snacks.

Sticking to lowcarb at meals is relatively easy. When eating breakfast there are eggs and bacon. I don’t need the starches. It’s more of a problem at economy hotels but then I would just have a cup of coffee. Lately, they have been starting to include boiled eggs on the buffet so it has gotten easier.

Lunches are most problematic. Often catered, sandwiches are brought in. Sure, it’s possible to eat just the “guts” of the sandwich but it’s messy and people may comment on it. Often, I will just split it and eat half the bread, or just half the sandwich. The rest goes in the trash, with the dessert cookie. Out of view.

For dinner, I have had to learn that the “clean the plate rule” doesn’t apply at restaurants. The serving size is the same for a 250 pounds man as for me, a 125 pounds older woman with slow metabolism. Generally, it’s easy to substitute veggies for starches. If french fries still end up on my plate, there is nothing that says I have to eat them, and I don’t. Often, I order an appetizer as my main meal (crab cakes is a favorite). My dinner companions may comment on it. Ask me if that’s all I’m going to eat. I answer that I’m not all that hungry and leave it at that. Nobody has ever insisted on me ordering more and nobody insists on me having dessert when I say that I don’t want any.

Another rule I have had to implement is no snacking in the hotel room. I’m not really hungry anyway but if I bring snacks I will mindlessly eat them until they are gone. So I just don’t bring any. I remind myself that I will get food for breakfast. Real food as I’m not trying to do Kimkins.

My latest strategy is working very well for me and has made traveling a lot less stressful as I don’t have to plan ahead of time like when I tried to go hardcore lowcarb. The planning ahead never stretched to the return trip anyway.

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