Kimkins Causing Eating Disorders

Kimmer is always saying that ALL overweight people already have an eating disorder – being fat is proof of disordered eating. I don’t agree.

I know many overweight people that do not have what I would call an unhealthy relationship with food. They eat what they want and just don’t care about being heavier than what society deems “acceptable”. They don’t obsess over food and rarely, if ever, step on a scale. Nothing disordered about their eating, in my opinion.

I think that eating disorders are mainly caused by restrictive dieting, Kimkins being the worst restrictive diet out there.

Is there anybody that did Kimkins for any significant amount of time that did not develop an eating disorder? I have yet to see one. The ones that have left the Kimpound typically react by:

1. Binge eating. The excessive food restriction on the Kimkins causes both physical and mental cravings. The body is crying for nutrition and the mind is rebelling. This results in weight regain and in possibly even in full blown bulimia with binge/purge cycles.

2. Fear of food. Following the extreme restriction on Kimkins, any increase of food tends to cause a weight gain, threatening to undo the weight loss success from Kimkins. It’s tempting to cut down calories again to get the scale to move downwards. But how long can you keep on doing it? You have to start eating more at some point in time.

It is sad to watch the victims of Kimkins struggling with finding a WOE (way of eating) that will not reverse the weight loss and that provides a sensible eating plan that can be followed for life. A WOE that can lead to a maintenance plan.  A WOE that stops yo-yo dieting and attempts at crash diets like Kimkins.

Weighing The Facts has a lot of information about Eating Disorders and Eating Disorder help resources.

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