The Making of a Diet Guru

I was googling something today and came across an interesting review of an “anti-diet” book. I will copy one section from the book and while it is copyrighted, I think I may be excused by providing the link to purchase the book: Breaking Out of Food Jail: How to Free Yourself from Diets and Problem Eating, Once and for All
by Jean Antonello, R.N., B.S.N.

The book is not new (published in 1996) but it seems interesting enough that I ordered it. If you don’t want to spend the money, there are several good excerpts on this website: To Eat or Not to Eat, That Is the Obsession

The one excerpt I will quote here is talking about a woman called Paula. I had to read it twice to make sure it didn’t say “Heidi Diaz.” I think the only difference is that Paula did not start a website, defrauding people out of money based on her lies and selling a dangerous starvation diet. Hopefully, there is just one Heidi Diaz in this world.

But where’s all this food avoidance, fat phobia and calorie obsession leading, anyway? For a growing number of people, straight to eating problems.

By the time she was forty-three, Heidi had dieted, one way or another, for twenty-five years. In that time she had joined Weight Watchers over ten times, tried Jenny Craig, gave Weight Loss Center two efforts and Optifast just one (because it was so expensive), and attended seven years of regular Overeaters Anonymous meetings. In addition, she had read dozens of books and magazine articles in her attempts to control her eating.

Heidi was an expert on nutrition. She knew so much about food groups, calories and fat grams that she could have started her own consulting business, Diet Madness, Inc. (Heidi named her diet madness venture: Kimkins.) She knew by heart and in her sleep what she should eat, exactly how much and when, according to the experts. Heidi was queen of portion control and truly gifted at policing fat grams. She had been trying to eat less, eat light, eat low-fat all her adult life. And she had been losing control of her eating for just about as long. Heidi couldn’t remember back to a time when she wasn’t preoccupied with her eating and her weight. Over the years she learned multitudes of diet skills and tips, hints and tricks. And now Heidi was heavier and more desperate than she had ever been in her life.



Diet “Guru” Heidi Diaz

[I took the liberty of substituting Paula for Heidi in the quote.]


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