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How Much Fiber?

How much fiber should I eat? It’s not easy to find an answer to that question. FDA says 28 grams, minimum (14 grams per 1,000 calories). Numerous google hits tell me that “high fat, low fiber” causes constipation. Of course, none of them say anything about the total carb consumption on the low fat diet […]

Low Carb Fiber

One of the main concerns for people starting a low carb diet is the apparent lack of fiber in the diet. I say “apparent” because it’s really a misconception. One of those accepted “truths” that keeps on being repeated over and over again. The FDA recommends 28 grams of fiber for a 2,000 cal diet. […]

Self-Made Weight Loss “Experts”

There are dozens, if not hundreds of them. Someone lost a significant amount of weight and decides that she (or he) is now qualified to SELL diet advice. Without any other qualifications than that she found a method (or two, or ten) that managed to take the weight off for herself. After having tried a […]

Mind Over Body

When it comes to weight issues, we have decided that our body doesn’t know what it is doing so we have to overrule anything it says. That includes fighting hunger on a too restrictive diet. It also includes ignoring feeling too full at binge episodes or just plain overeating when we fall off the wagon. […]

Daily Calorie Intake

There has been a lot of discussions lately about number of calories needed in the communities I frequent on the internet. However, I think there is some confusion about what the calculators are telling us. BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate. This is how many calories the body consumes in a “comatose state”. Calories just needed […]

Dieting Linked to Obesity

I believe dieting causes obesity and not the other way around. Who didn’t start their first diet when they were just a few pounds overweight? Dropped some weight and then put it back on, plus a few pounds more? Kept on repeating this cycle with each attempt ending up at a higher weight? This dieting […]