Daily Calorie Intake

There has been a lot of discussions lately about number of calories needed in the communities I frequent on the internet. However, I think there is some confusion about what the calculators are telling us.

BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate. This is how many calories the body consumes in a “comatose state”. Calories just needed for bodily functions and to stay alive.

To avoid starvation mode, it is recommended to not go below your BMR level.

AMR = Activity Metabolic Rate. These are the additional calories we burn by moving around during the day. Some calculator just provide choices between sedentary, active, and heavy lifestyle. In others, you can plug in the minutes you perform of each activity.

Your daily calorie requirement is BMR + AMR. Theoretically, eating anything less than this should result in weighloss.

Using myself as an example, my BMR is 1252 cals, and if only adding 10 hours of “sitting”, my total calorie requirement goes up to 2092. Exercise days add up to 2400.

Weight loss experts (and I’m not counting Heidi Diaz, the 500 cals starvation guru, among them) generally recommend that you eat 500 cals less than the total calorie requirement so I would eat around 1500 calories to lose weight, 2000 to maintain.

The BMR/AMR counter I used is here: Body for Life

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