Mind Over Body

When it comes to weight issues, we have decided that our body doesn’t know what it is doing so we have to overrule anything it says. That includes fighting hunger on a too restrictive diet. It also includes ignoring feeling too full at binge episodes or just plain overeating when we fall off the wagon.

Of course, we feel that the body failed us in the first place by becoming overweight. Why did it?

Looking back to the evolution of man, there really doesn’t seem to be an advantage to survival by packing on excessive fat. On the contrary. The logical conclusion would then be that the body in itself has no desire to become overweight. So why does it?

The first reason, in my opinion, is that perhaps we were not overweight in the first place when starting a diet the first time. Yes, we might not have been as skinny as the present fashion ideal dictates, but perhaps we were at an healthy weight based on our body build and genetics.

Any diet attempt at that time would have started the evil “feast and famine cycle” I wrote about the other day. Clearly, that doesn’t help “letting the body take care of itself”.

Another reason, again in my opinion, is long term carbohydrate “abuse”. I don’t think we were made to eat a high amount of carbohydrate. Think about it. The hunter/gatherer survived mainly on proteins and fats, with the occasional carbs from grains, nuts, fruits and roots. A find of honey provided a rare indulgence of “pure sugar”.

This scenario has little comparison to how I grew up eating. Sugar, sugar and more sugar. Soda, candy, sweets. White bread, pasta, potatoes and rice. Combined with fat.

Carbs promote fat storage and make us hungry. Increased appetite may cause us to eat more than our body was intended for. The natural hunger/full signals become distorted.

While some people manage to stay slim when they are still young, the weight gain eventually catch up with most of them. Could it be that we build up carb sensitivity over time? How long time depending on genetics? That “naturally skinny” people have genes that handle carbs better?

I’m not arguing that hormones, thyroid issues and medical conditions do not have an effect on weight gain. I’m just wondering what came first. The hormonal/medical issue, or the carb sensitivity. Or are the issues a result from the “famine” during the “feast and famine cycles”?

The “famine” theory is supported by Kimkins Survivors‘ stories, where many report thyroid issues after following this starvation diet.

Restrictive dieting is obviously to be avoided. It’s been shown again and again that diets do not work. Why would there otherwise be so many of them?

I think that dieting is the main cause of weight gain and a HUGE impact on the “obesity epidemic” is from the skinny ideal promoted by the fashion industry. It will lead teenagers (and even children) to dieting at a young age, starting the “feast and famine cycle” which more likely than not will end up in obesity.

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