Self-Made Weight Loss “Experts”

There are dozens, if not hundreds of them. Someone lost a significant amount of weight and decides that she (or he) is now qualified to SELL diet advice. Without any other qualifications than that she found a method (or two, or ten) that managed to take the weight off for herself. After having tried a multitude of diets over the years.

Why would I listen to this person? For advice that concerns my health? To PAY for advice that I have no proof worked for anybody?

I have no way of verifying that the information is true. While the pictures may be convincing (or not), there is no proof that the diet expert followed the diet she prescribes. There is no proof that she keeps it off by following the diet she prescribes. There is no proof that the diet is good for long term use, and to maintain the weight loss. There is no proof that the diet will not damage my health.

I can understand that anybody that loses a lot of weight is very enthusiastic about it and wants to share her success with other people. I see plenty of them on the FREE forums where they willingly share their experience without charging a dime.

But even there it’s hard to tell how honest they are. I have seen many examples where a successful maintainer eventually confessed to having regained weight, or confessed to unhealthy diet methods like laxative abuse. In the meantime though, they continued to give out diet advice as if they never had any problems of their own. It’s unfortunate, but understandable. Nobody wants to be a failure, and it’s probably so much harder when they have acquired a status as a role model.

Then we have all the self-made weight loss gurus that believe that just because they lost weight, they are now entitled to charge money for their “expert” advice. The only diet knowledge they have is how ONE person lost weight, and whatever information they have picked up along the way. They typically have no nutritional training and no long term track record.

The ones that try to turn their weight loss into a business could be even more prone to dishonesty. If you are selling a program solely based on YOUR success, you can not admit any failure in the form of weight regain or need to modify the recommended diet in any way.

[Edited. See Note below.]

And then we have what is probably the worst example in recent history; Heidi Diaz with the Kimkins Diet. She stands out among these self proclaimed diet gurus as she knows from her own experience that the starvation diet she is promoting and charging money for DOES NOT WORK. She sold it on the premises that she had lost 200 lbs and kept it off for more than 5 years. None of it was true. She never lost the weight, and even less kept anything off. And she still thinks she is qualified to charge money for diet advice?

Putting up fake pictures will just take you so far.

Photoshop doesn’t help much either when there is no real weight loss. And rumor has it that Heidi Diaz has failed (again) on the Kimkins Diet and is gaining weight.

If I would pay money for diet advice (and I have), I would spend it on books written by doctors or nutritionists that have worked with weigh loss for many years and that have accumulated knowledge from many people. One example is Dr. Atkins. Not only did he follow his own advice but he had feedback from thousands of patients that he had treated over the years. There are also books written by nutritionists at weight loss centers that are based on a large population and have good advice that is valid for more than ONE individual.

[Note. I originally had a paragraph in this post about Jimmy Moore. I realized that what I said was unfair, and I apologize to Jimmy. I had stated that Jimmy had not shared his struggles with regain, and it seems that I was incorrect. Jimmy sent me a very gracious email pointing out my error, and I’m more than happy to edit my post and remove the paragraph. (FYI. Jimmy did not even suggest removal or editing. He just wanted to set the record straight.)

I had based my initial assumption on information gathered from a bulletin board, but failed to properly do my own research. Ironically, it proves my point. Just because something is mentioned and repeated many times on the internet doesn’t make it true.

I am using this blog to share information that is of interest to me, and everything I say is only my opinion. But, I will refrain from any type of character assassination based on rumors. Again, I apologize to Jimmy for my bad judgment.

However, that restriction does not apply to Heidi Diaz and her associates. I have no problems sharing information that is based on rumors only when it comes to the Kimkins Diet Scam.]

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Hi Mariasol,
you make some very good points. We need to be careful when entrusting our health to strangers on the internet. I wouldn’t put Jimmy Moore in Heidi Diaz’s class though. Heidi is a scammer. Pure and simple. Jimmy, on the other hand, still offers his blogs, his message board, his videos etc for free. Yes, he sells lowcarb products, and yes, a lot of those things are not good for people on low carb, but buying them is not a requirement to be a part of his community. I don’t have a problem with his making a living off of his ads etc. It’s not a whole lot different than Netrition selling products to fund their forums. We need to know what we can and cannot handle in the Atkins WOL.

As for gaining back the weight – that’s a toughie. Those pounds can creep up on you before you know it and it is embarassing – especially if you have put yourself out there the way Jimmy has. It would be helpful for us to know that even the success stories struggle too, but a lot of time we who gain weight hope to lose it before anyone notices.

I have been reading your blog and you havesome wonderful and informative articles here. Thank you so much for what you do for the lowcarb community!


Mary – No, I didn’t intend to make it sound like Jimmy and Heidi are in the same category, even though they were close at one time. I just think that Jimmy could have done better by being upfront about his regain/maintenance issues as people do look to him for advice. I’m sure Jimmy had good intentions; I just happen to not agree with how he did it.
Now Heidi is in a different class altogether. She never had any good intentions and has ended up hurting a lot of people. And continues to do so. Knowingly.

I will never understand people like Heidi Diaz. She is obviously very intelligent. She could have done so much with her life if she had just used it for good. What a waste.

THANK YOU so much for this, mariasol! You are a good woman doing FANTASTIC work exposing the Kimkins scam in an effort to bring down Heidi Diaz for all the harm she has brought on so many people. KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT and THANKS so much for realizing that I ain’t no Heidi. 😀 SEE YA!

Jimmy – Thank you for accepting my apology :)

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