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Quick Weight Loss

Isn’t that what we all want? The fad diet industry is banking on it. Lose 10 pounds in a week! Lose 100 pounds in 5 months! No faster diet, none! Better than gastric bypass! Sounds good? Apparently, as we keep on paying for new diet fads all the time. Looking for the magic diet/pill/supplement that […]

Confusing Diet Study

The results from a diet study comparing low carb, Mediterranean, and low fat diets made the news the other day. As always, the results are not easily interpreted. Just look at the headlines this particular study inspired: Long-Term Diet Study Suggests Success Is Hard to Come By Diet Plans Produce Similar Results The Never-Ending Diet […]

Yet Another “Better than Gastric Bypass” Diet

The Kimkins Diet gained its fame, and a large number of paying members, from having the diet advertised on the front cover of Woman’s World magazine in June 2007. The front page focused on “Better than Gastric Bypass” and “No exercise required” and what better way is there to sell a diet? Oh, yes, the […]

Returning to Kimkins

The Kimkins Diet website was launched in June 2006 but had a rather obscure existence until an article in Women’s World magazine caused a large influx of customers one year later. Many people tried the diet but rightly decided that the diet was not sustainable and disappeared. The $59.95 membership fee was written off as […]

Feeding Off Body Fat

Kimmer, the founder of the Kimkins Diet, has always insisted that starvation mode does not exist as long as there is body fat to burn for energy. Her diet suggested a daily calorie limit of 500 or less, later adjusted upwards to 710. The rest of the body’s needs would be taken from body fat. […]