Yet Another “Better than Gastric Bypass” Diet

The Kimkins Diet gained its fame, and a large number of paying members, from having the diet advertised on the front cover of Woman’s World magazine in June 2007.

The front page focused on “Better than Gastric Bypass” and “No exercise required” and what better way is there to sell a diet? Oh, yes, the claims were also backed up by 3 success stories; Christin, Deni and a Russian Bride as a stand in for Kimmer.

We all now know how that turned out. Christin has maintained most of her weightloss, but it’s been a constant struggle for a long year. Deni has regained some in her efforts of finding a diet that is sustainable long term. And Kimmer of course had never lost any weight and is just as obese as she always was.

Women’s World eventually came out with a retraction and apology for their mistake in not verifying the pictures they used for the article. That mistake obviously did little to change the marketing practices for Women’s World magazine.

The June 30, 2008 issue again used the term “Better than Gastric Bypass” on the front page. They probably determined that it was a selling phrase and why would one little mistake prevent them from re-using it? The purpose is to sell magazines after all.

Thankfully, the diet du jour this time does not seem dangerous to your health as the Kimkins Starvation Diet was. This one is just silly. The one “success” story was an already slim woman that lost 6 pounds in 7 days. The menu looked low fat and low calorie to me.

The resistant starch diet is based on a theory developed by a “study” at Colorado Univeristy.

Fat burning was 23% higher in those who ate 5 grams of resistant starch in the meal than in those who didn’t: More fat was burned for fuel and less was available to store away. The subjects in this study were of normal weight and they ate the starch once. Longer studies of intake in overweight people would be needed to see if weight loss would occur.

The study was performed on normal weight people and the “results” were measured at ONE occasion. ONCE. And how will this provide a weight loss solution for obese people? They don’t say. Just that longer studies would be needed to see if “weight loss would occur”. Which basically means that they are asking for money to fund the studies.

Resistant starch is an indigestible fiber that can be found in green bananas, beans and grain products.

The highest concentration is found in green bananas. Who eats green bananas? I don’t. Beans and grains yes, but it wouldn’t be practical to eat enough to get the “projected benefit” of resistant starch. Of course, this fact doesn’t bother the food industry as they are already developing resistant starch supplements and adding it to various products.

No, no, NO!

Please do not add any more fiber to food. I already have problems with the artificially added straws, sticks and seeds to the food I eat. I don’t need 20 – 30 grams of fiber. My digestive system doesn’t like fiber. Just causes bloating and gas. I keep regular by limiting carbs and eating generous amounts of fat.

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TRASH! I knew their half-hearted apology was meaningless when they wrote it. Maggots. (I’m crabby tonight!)

I agree, with the trash that is. I read the article in the store to get the gist of it, and then looked up the “study” it was based on. No way would I pay money for that rag.

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