Dieting Makes You Fat

At least the Kimkins diet seems to. Just look at what it did to Kimmer a.k.a. Heidi Diaz.

She went from this

to this

And that was when she according to herself was an “expert” dieter:

I’ve studied weight loss plans for a lifetime, noting what worked. What didn’t. And, most importantly, why. Not only from personal experience, but from the feedback of hundreds of unhappy, overweight folks. By combining basic thermogenic body principles the turbo fast Kimkins Diet was created!

We now know that not a word of it was true. The “feedback” was from faked success stories, illustrated with stolen pictures from a Russian bride website. Her “personal experience” included WLS, but not even that produced any lasting weight loss.

While Kimmer might not be typical, I still think very few people manage to maintain a weight loss following a starvation diet like Kimkins. Assuming that they manage to stick to it without any major health problems, the long term deprivation of nutrition often backfire in the form of binges and major weight regain.

Beware of quick fixes! A huge misconception is that something you do short term will have a long term effect. Only a life style change will work for lasting weight loss.

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Many people would forgive Heidi if she had only lied about keeping her weight off. The fact that she never lost any weight while brow-beating subscribers to her website about every morsel they were eating is unconscionable.

Heidi Diaz should be facing criminal charges!

Thanks for pointing out the effects of actually doing the plan by Kimmer.

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