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Faster than Kimkins

I have lost 5 pounds the last week. From 128.8 lbs to 123.8 lbs. My calories were 1600 – 1800 per day. And no, I didn’t exercise a lot. I did go to the gym 4 times but burned no more than perhaps 200 calories per time. So what did I eat? Pork spareribs, beef […]

Kimkins Maintenance Plan Published

My previous post was about Kimmer’s musings how to create a maintenance plan. So what did she come up with? MAINTENANCE GUIDELINES Maintenance is an art requiring experimentation and practice Begin with a 1200 calorie minimum.  Add additional calories depending on your CCE (Carb & Calorie Equilibrium). Older or sedentary people may need to stay […]

Kimkins Maintenance Plan

Is there such a thing? Not to my knowledge. The very few people that have followed Kimkins to goal seem to maintain the weight by still doing Kimkins. Experimenting with adding a few carbs, then cutting back again to take off any weight regain. A typical yo-yo approach that will work as long as you […]