Faster than Kimkins

I have lost 5 pounds the last week. From 128.8 lbs to 123.8 lbs.

My calories were 1600 – 1800 per day. And no, I didn’t exercise a lot. I did go to the gym 4 times but burned no more than perhaps 200 calories per time.

So what did I eat? Pork spareribs, beef stew, egg salad, hamburger, bacon, salami, egg salad, cheese, and nuts. Even peanut butter. About 70% fat. Less than 20 carbs from veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, celery). Not as strict as Atkins induction (which does not allow nuts and peanut butter, plus I ate more cheese than allowed).

Sure, the weight lost is mostly water, but so is Kimkins when starting out. But the point is that I did not have to restrict calories at all. I did not have to go hungry (appetite suppression from ketosis has never worked for me, possibly due to lower bodyfat?).

Why would you even consider Kimkins (lean meat, just enough fat to make your menu work) when you can lose better doing Atkins and not feel deprived at all?

So why did I need to lose the weight in the first place? I, that have successfully maintained at 124 – 126 lbs for 4 years. Without counting carbs or calories. Without thinking about what I’m eating (or not eating). Well, every Fall I gain some weight, 4-5 pounds. Generally in October, it just came early this year. I then maintain (over the Holidays!) at a higher weight until late January or so when I effortlessly drop down to my normal range.

To me it seems to be a seasonal cycle my body likes, but if I had tracked my food I could possibly find the explanation there as well. Fall is a busy work period for me with a lot of traveling. This year there wasn’t any down period during the summer so perhaps that’s why the gain occurred earlier than usual.

It will be interesting to see if October brings with it the normal weight gain, or if I have already gone through this year’s cycle. Leaving for another business trip today so I will know soon enough.

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Good for you on the exercise!
I don’t think it’s so much about the 200 calories – I think it is more about keeping your metabolism in general in a healthier state. I think a diet with “no exercise” as suggested by Kimkins is not good for the metabolism when the day is done.

Yes, I agree on the exercise. For me, at my age, it is required. Not for calories burned but it seems to affect my ability to use stored bodyfat. Hormones?

I’m curious – do you normally stay lowcarb, but just not keep track or do you come back to Atkins when you need to lose those few pounds?

Mary – Good question. I normally stay lowcarbish when traveling, but with a sandwich here and there. *I.can.not.take.another.airport.caesar.salad.*
But I was in no way carbed up before I started this “Atkins induction week”, and that’s why the significant and quick weight loss surprised me. It was interesting, however, to see that my beloved bran crispbread crackers were some 6 carbs per piece, and I could easily have 6-10 of those per day. The cracker in itself might not have been a problem, but combined with a fair amount of cheese, it might not have been a good thing.

Well good job on your loss this week. That is impressive in and of itself, but particularly since you are at a low weight.

Mary – Thanks! But I really didn’t answer your question (posted from the airport in a hurry). Apart from this “October” gain, I really don’t have a problem maintaining. I eat lowcarbish at home too but I never count carbs or calories so I really don’t know what they are. But now I’m curious so I will try to keep track. I have the occasional fruit and sweet (with sugar), bran or rye crispbread, but stay away from other bread and pasta, rice and potatoes.
And just for clarification: I have a small frame so I’m nowhere close to underweight at 125 lbs. Sz 4-6.

Sounds like your body has established a healthy metabolism and you are not required to count calories or carbs, yet still enjoy a good high calorie level. Whether KK believes in starvation mode or not, it exists. You have found the ideal way to maintain your loss, which is the hardest part. Congratulations.

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