Zero Carb when Pregnant

Kimkins’ K/E (Kimmer’s Experiment) is technically a zero carb diet. Just meat, eggs, fish and no vegetables. But K/E is lean meat only, and I hope nobody is desperate enough to even attempt such a restrictive diet when pregnant. Not even Kimmer herself recommends it.

But what about the “Zero Carb Path” diet? Also no vegetables but high fat? Does that make is safe for pregnancy?

A moderator, Charles, at Jimmy Moore’s forum certainly thinks so. Even more, he claims that it is perfectly fine to eat store bought ground beef (hamburger) and nothing else!

So who is this Charles? What qualifications does he have to give out prenatal nutritional advice? Well, there seems to be none. None. He has no nutritional or medical credentials. Instead, he relies on “facts” as interpreted (by him) from essays describing carnivorous tribes.

When being challenged that these tribes were not 100% meat eaters, he backpedaled until he finally was left with the one example he thinks proves his point; the Mackenzie Eskimos. He claims that they just ate the muscle meat of the caribou and therefore it is exactly the same as eating store bought beef and nothing else.

This fact is extracted from selective reading of Stefansson. However, he totally disregards other Stefansson’s writings where he mentions eating fish and fish liver and caribou brain (has a lot of vitamins and minerals lacking in muscle meat). Not to mention whale oil, seal, seal blubber and even carbs in the form of berries and caribou stomach content.

I fail to see how commercially raised beef has any similarities to a traditional Inuit diet.

I also don’t understand why Charles would keep on insisting that this diet is safe for pregnant women. What is the purpose? To prove his point? At the risk of the health or life of an unborn child?

This is what Charles said yesterday on the forum, with regards to the ongoing debate:

I just need one of you ladies to look great enough so that your husbands will impregnate you and I can end this zero-carb and pregnancy nonsense.

I’m sure he intended this to be funny. It isn’t to me. We are talking about the life of an unborn child!

Please, please, if you are pregnant, do not listen to any advice given on the internet by unscrupulous people that just are interested in feeding their own ego.

Note. While Jimmy Moore is still housing this individual on his forum, Jimmy announced today that the Zero Carb threads will be moved to Charles’ own forum shortly. Will there be a “lifetime” fee?

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“What qualifications does he have to give out prenatal nutritional advice?”

That would be the only statement above, I don’t agree with. He (Charles)never gave out advice but, rather gave his opinion. I think the two differ greatly. I don’t follow a “zero-carb” approach to diet. However, forums are designed for people to voice their opinions and experiences no matter what the subject matter. Yes, some people have strong opinions and even opinions that go against the “norm” but, it is still an opinion. I would hope most people are intelligent enough to take different opinions and come to their own conclusions. If it has to do with their health, of course, that of a medical professional should be part of their decision making team.

I truly admire your determination in caring for pregnant women and their developing child.

I have to say, I personally think this whole sugject has been a bit overblown. But, that is just *my opinion*.

Best of health,

I also need to mention that the following quote:

“I just need one of you ladies to look great enough so that your husbands will impregnate you and I can end this zero-carb and pregnancy nonsense.”

This partial quote is taken out of context and is not the full quote.

I just think it’s only fair to mention this in order to form an opinion either way.

Thanks again,

Thank you for your comment! “Advice” or “opinion” is a matter of interpretation, IMO. I think those of us that lived through the Kimmer reign on lowcarbfriends are a little sensitive about the subject. Technically, Kimmer also just shared her “opinion” but people took it as advice. Bad advice, as it turned out. And the Zero Carb thread just reminds me of the cult-like atmosphere on kimkins.con and Ask Kimmer.

I never was part of Kimkins but, I’m somewhat aware of what happened.

I’m sorry you experienced the whole Kimkins scandal.

I can’t imagine how you feel but, I can imagine that the experience would bring about sensitivity on the subject at hand.

I do value all the opinions, comments and/or advice. :)


Good analysis, Mariasols. I agree with you.

I’ve just read some of Charles’ posts and Regina’s responses. Charles DOES remind one of Kimmer – in his snarky responses, his selective and often erroneous remarks about nutrition, and his full of himself attitude. The only think he lacks — thus far anyway — is a lifetime membership fee.

You need to get another hobby and lay off Charles. I’m sorry your carb addiction is so strong you would vilify anyone who suggested eliminating as many carbohydrates as possible. It must be so difficult for you to be so incredibly carb centric that you’ve turned the simple process of eating into a ritual worthy of a heroin addict preparing his kit.

Dana – Thank you for your concern.

Thanks for blogging about this.
you are right about Charles selective interpretation of Stefansson’s writings. I found it interesting when Stefansson was discussing the muscle only part of the Bellvue study protocal he told the docs no it makes folk ill and sited his caribou eating experience when after 2 weeks of just eating that that all got sick.
it was included in his first eating experience during the study and as he said within days he got sick and had to have a diet change to include other protein sources and lots more fat.

When questioned about how the beef meat only diet for pregnant folk would supply the increased nutrtional needs of the baby he refused to provide any sample menu to show how those needs could be meet.

You actually are doing ‘selective reading’ yourself/aswell. On page 94 of ‘Fat of the Land’ steffanson talk about Europeans introducing vegetables to the Eskimos/Inuit that NO Eskimos/Inuit consume more than 5% of their total average yearly intake of vegetables in calories and that some Eskimos/Inuit are 100% meat eaters(‘some northerly groups ate no vegetables.’).

I’m happy for anyone who chooses a ‘diet’ and likes it. I recommend a zero carb diet. If this isn’t the path someone wants to take, I recommend the Body Ecology Diet.

Cooking the meat too much on a zero carb diet something that will make the zero carb diet undoable over a lifetime because it kills the nutrients needed. I suspect nutrition needs are different on a zero carb diet than a mixed diet. It hasn’t been studied well enough to show the differences I think.

Adventures in diet ‘We divided up the caribou Eskimo style, so the dogs got organs and entrails, hams, shoulders, and tenderloin, while the invalids, and we hunters got heads, briskets, ribs, pelvis and the marrow from the bones’ is Steffanson not saying here that they traditionally do not eat the organ meats?

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