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Happy Thanksgiving

Kimkins Survivors

Do you know of any other diet that has a blog dedicated to “survivors” of the diet? I don’t. I have never heard of any “survivors” of Weight Watchers, Atkins, or any other diet. Sure, there are many that fail on the diet and regain any weight lost, but rarely do you hear of any […]

Exercise or Diet?

Kimmer, the creator of the starvation diet Kimkins, insists that exercise is not helpful for weight loss. “No Exercise” seems to be a good selling point, or at least she thinks so. It is boldly stated in all the newsletters she sends out and frequently repeated on her blog. That Kimmer so strongly opposes exercise […]

Marketing Diets

A google search for “diet” returns close to 20 million hits. The vast majority of these are web sites and blogs selling something. A diet book, a diet plan or a diet product. What makes the diet niche so attractive for marketing? I just received this email with tips of how to find your niche […]

Colon Cleanse

There are thousands and thousands blogs and web sites that deal with colon cleansing. They claim that we build up toxins, and even have parasites and critters, in the colon that need to be removed. Of course, these sites sell products to help us do so. Plus claiming that cleansing is beneficial for weight loss. […]

Wu Yi Tea or Acai Berry

Seems that these people don’t know what they used for their weight loss. Here they credit Acai Berry: And here they credit Wu Yi tea: In my previous post, I wrote about how I had been unable to find any studies that supported the claims for Acai Berry having anything to do with weight loss, […]