Colon Cleanse

There are thousands and thousands blogs and web sites that deal with colon cleansing. They claim that we build up toxins, and even have parasites and critters, in the colon that need to be removed. Of course, these sites sell products to help us do so. Plus claiming that cleansing is beneficial for weight loss.

So, who got the idea that our colon needs cleaning in the first place? I mean, why would it? It’s clearly designed as a waste disposal system so what suggests that it needs help to be “cleaned”?

It seems that it originated with a book written by a Richard Anderson, N.D., in 1988; “Cleanse and Purify Thyself”. Anderson went on to develop cleansing products that produces what the product is supposed to cleanse.

Anderson invented the term “mucoid plaque”.

The phrase, “mucoid plaque,” is a coined term that I use to describe various conditions found throughout the body, especially in hollow organs and the alimentary canal. It is a substance that the body naturally creates under unnatural conditions, such as attack from acids, drugs, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals. I have always attempted to make it clear that the “Mucoid Plaque” found in the bowel is not equivalent to the natural healthy gastric and intestinal mucosa. The natural mucosa serves as a necessary buffer for the gastrointestinal wall and as a lubricant for intestinal motility. “Mucoid plaque” of any description is unnatural and is found only after the body has moved towards diseased states. Medical science has many words to describe each of these conditions, but to my knowledge, there are no effective terms that describe them under one category.

I agree with him that “mucoid plaque of any description is unnatural”. It is caused by the cleansing product!

The cleansing procedure involves taking some more or less defined substance in pills or powder form in the morning with a lot of liquid. Then followed by a strong laxative at night. The bowel then expels this mucoid plaque. There are a million of pictures of the expelled matter on the internet. Just google “colon cleanse” images. They are disgusting.

What nobody tells you is that the pills or powder are what produce this mucoid plaque. From my understanding, one of the original formulas consisted of clay. CLAY! The clay powder expanded with the help of liquid and when expelled, had the form of the colon.
Psyllium is the main ingredient today, and produces a similar result.

When Anderson was asked why medical doctors didn’t see any of this mucoid plaque, he dismissed the question with that “they didn’t know what they were looking for”.

How can anybody believe that medical doctors have never, ever, found any evidence of “mucoid plaque” in our colon? From the “evidence” shown in the pictures, it shouldn’t be that hard to see if it were actually there.

Anderson didn’t jump on the weight loss train, but the present marketing of colon cleanse products has. While most people might not care whether their colon is “clean” or not, there are many, many potential customers for weight loss products.

So does it produce weight loss? Temporarily, it does. When the laxative empties your colon from any fecal matter, your scale weight will go down. Until you eat and your colon fills back up.

It is scary how affiliate marketing is making these types of scams explode on the internet. It is so easy to set up a website, fill it with some ludicrous copied claims, add some pictures of slim models, fake some testimonials and then sit down to wait for the money to roll in.

Just the huge number of web sites with the same claims makes these types of sites look convincing. Please do not fall for another online scam without making your research. Just because the same information is repeated on a thousand web sites doesn’t make it true.

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