Diet Role Models

From this Kimkins Diet disaster, it’s obvious that pictures of pretty girls sell diets. Especially if the diet founder, the one selling her diet experience and success, is the pretty girl. Of course, we all know by now that Kimmer, a.k.a. Heidi Diaz, was not the woman in the red dress, neither is she the woman in this picture that she used as her avatar on Kimkins for a long time.

So what to look for in a weight loss role model? What would I look for?

Would they need to be young and pretty? No, not for me. I’m neither young nor pretty and losing weight would do nothing to change that fact.

Would they have had to lost a significant amount of weight? No, not necessarily. While there may be differences in being 200 pounds overweight as compared to 40, the weight loss strategy does not necessarily need to be different. Any more different than individual adaptions that are always required, of course.

Would they need to be stick thin? Not necessarily very slim, but certainly not morbidly obese. I would like to see that they are following their own advice, and that it results in lasting weight loss.

Would they need to have maintained their weight loss for a long time? Yes, absolutely. Anybody can lose weight with a crash diet, but it’s another thing to keep it off year after year. The suggested diet plan needs to have a way of transitioning into maintenance. There is no point in losing weight if the pounds are going to pile back on again.

Heidi Diaz fails on every point of my requirements. Her make-believe persona met them all, including looking young and pretty. However, the real person does not. Not even close. Why anyone would take diet advice from this woman is beyond my comprehension.

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