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Losing Weight or Keeping It Off

What is most important? Losing weight or keeping it off? The answer seems to be losing. Fast. Every dieter is looking for the formula that will provide the quickest weight loss possible. Of course, time is critical as we know by experience that we will not be able to stick to the diet for any […]

Simple Choices Diet

Who would pay $19.95 per month to receive diet advice from this woman? Would you entrust your credit card with automatic billing to a scam artist that is subject to a Class Action Lawsuit for the other online diet site she runs? Or, $19.95 for one week coaching? Personalized email sessions with SC Diet Coach […]

Beware of “Natural” Weight Loss Supplements

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced that there is a range of diet pills being sold nationwide, as well as over the internet, that are now considered unsafe. FDA suggests to consult with your health care professional before taking dietary supplements to treat obesity or other diseases. All consumers should be familiar with […]