Simple Choices Diet

Who would pay $19.95 per month to receive diet advice from this woman? Would you entrust your credit card with automatic billing to a scam artist that is subject to a Class Action Lawsuit for the other online diet site she runs?

Or, $19.95 for one week coaching?

Personalized email sessions with SC Diet Coach expert via email to analyze food choices, portion size, lifestyle and receive specific feedback. Member will be contacted with further instructions after payment.

She wants you to pay the money up front without saying what the diet is about. It is obvious that Kimmer aka Heidi Diaz has given up on the low carb, low fat, low calorie, Kimkins starvation diet:

Our core plan includes all food groups in portions that you choose. Enjoy pasta, bread and fruit while you lose weight! Learn portion control and how to make smart low fat food choices.

She also offers a 7 day “detox” plan and a “low glycemic flash start.” No doubt is the detox using laxatives and the “flash start” Kimkins Experiment (lean protein only for 3 – 5 days). Both will produce quick temporary weight loss due to water loss.

I don’t understand how Heidi Diaz can call herself a “diet expert.” She is an expert at failing diet attempts. I think most of us are fully capable of doing that on our own without needing an obese self-proclaimed diet guru to tell us how.

Save your money and join one of the many free diet boards.

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