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I haven’t visited my blog for a while and I had a huge amount of spam comments waiting to be deleted. Many of them were from Joan’s Weight Loss. Now, I don’t think there really is a Joan. I also don’t think that the woman shown on this blog lost weight on the Acai and Colon Cleanse products “she” sells.

I will not post “Joan’s” comments. It doesn’t matter how much “she” supposedly likes my blog. Clearly “she” hasn’t read it. My posts about Acai are pointing out that it’s a scam. Acai seems like a nice berry but there is nothing that suggests it would help with weight loss.

I also see that “Joan” is not accepting comments on “her” blog.  Helensweightloss, Sandrasweightloss, Nadiasweightloss, etc. do not either. I can understand why. The comments I got on my blog post about Acai have all been negative. Seems that many that order Acai Burn receive Wu-Yi Burn instead. Perhaps the scammer can not keep track of which of “her” sites the order comes from.

Not that it matters much. I’m sure both Acai Burn and Wu-Yi Burn are equally useless. I just hope that the people that ordered get out of their autoship program without losing too much money.

If you have fallen for this scam, you might want to read Acai-Scams. Perhaps there will be some way for you to get your money back. Or at least preventing the scammers from keeping it. Internet business is tricky that way due to the anonymity. But we managed to corner Heidi Diaz of Kimkins so there may be hope for Acai as well. With enough of these Internet scams, perhaps the FDA will finally step in and decide to do something about it.

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Those sites are CPA or PPA sites, where the affiliates drive traffic to the sites and get paid for every time someone signs up for the free samples. Same I think for the Teas.

Here’s some more info on how that works:

Anyway, I highly doubt the affiliates realize what they are even pushing. They get paid for referring people. It’s the company behind it all grabbing names – and they will either sell some you some berries or they will have all your shipping information so they can sell you something else – or as I see from your link they will sneak you into an expensive subscription.

It’s become so tiring. Honestly, I’m at the point where I believe you that no one is really gonna lose weight from this stuff – but if it’s not killing anyone then I just can’t get too upset by it.At least if you take some berries you might actually get some nutrients from it. This is what separates this offer from KK.

I know – it’s not right to be pushing something that doesn’t really work. For some though it does seem to have the placebo effect. And before you ask – no, I’m not pushing the stuff.

Anyway, love you to death Mariasol – and thanks for warning to dieters that this really won’t help them – and to be very careful on exactly what you are getting with those “free” offers.

Thank you for your clarification, Jill. Yes, I agree that Acai is not harmful. Seems like a nice berry, and perhaps it’s even helpful if it motivates you to eat healthy at the same time. But the colon cleanse that is the other part of the program might not be all that good for you. I’m of the opinion that my body’s waste disposal system works best on its own.
And I hate that people are being scammed by automatically being signed up for an autoship program that they have a hard time getting out of.

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