Sensa Weight Loss System

Browsing the internet, I come across crazy diets all the time. All of them promise fast and easy weight loss. Often without diet (eat all the food you want!) and without exercise. Magic!

Obviously there is a market for these diets. Otherwise they wouldn’t exist. So are we so gullible? Do we so easily believe these unrealistic promises? That this diet will do what others failed to do?

Do we believe that the weight loss claims are real? That the success stories exist? And that the persons depicted actually used the magic supplement they are selling?

It seems that many do. And are willing to pay a lot of money for another quick fix. If Acai didn’t do it, Wu-Yi didn’t do it, perhaps this Sensa will?

So what is Sensa?

It is a powder (!) that you sprinkle (!) on your food and it makes you eat less.

Backed by “25 years of study” and “clinical study.”

The 25 years research consisted of testing out “sprinkles” or Sensa Tastants (patent pending!). The ingredients in the Tastants are of course not fully disclosed more than that they contain Maltodextrin (corn starch, used as a bulking agent, no doubt), Tricalcium Phosphate (bone ash), Silica (sand), Natural and Artificial Flavors (proprietary), FD&C Yellow 5 (synthetic yellow dye), and Carmine (red pigment from scale insects). Sensa also contains Soy and Milk ingredients.

Hmm. Perhaps you really would eat less if you sprinkled this on food.

The clinical study consisted of one study where 1,436 people sprinkled Tastants on their food for 6 months and then were compared to 100 people that did not. The Tastant group lost 30 pounds while the control group lost only 2! Wow! And it must be true as the study is published. Actually, only the abstract (summary) is published. In “Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes”, First International Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, February 27, 2008.

Searching, I actually found the abstract. No study. This is the entire text:


A .R. Hirsch
Smell & Taste Treatment And Research Foundation, Chicago, IL, USA

Background: Excess weight is a risk factor for myriad illnesses including diabetes. Despite its ubiquity, treatment is, for the most part, ineffective focusing on conscious, draconian self-deprivation efforts including portion control, fasting, hedonic sacrifice, or initiation of a rigorous, often painful, exercise program. Chemosensory modification to induce weight loss has used both aversive and nonaversive olfactory and hedonically positive gustatory stimuli.

Hypothesis: Noncaloric tastant crystals added to food enhance gustatory evoked satiety, reducing consumption, as manifest by weight loss.

Methods: Two thousand four hundred thirty-seven overweight or obese subjects, over a six-month period, sprinkled a variety of savory or sweet tastant crystals onto their food prior to mandiculation. Pre and post study weights were obtained and compared to one hundred nontreated controls.

Results: One thousand four hundred and thirty-six patients (87.4% female, 12.6% male) with an average initial weight of 208 pounds, and BMI of 34.2, completed this study. The average weight loss was 30.5 pounds, 5.0 BMI, versus control of 2 pounds, 0.3 BMI (p<0.05).

Conclusion: Use of tastants to enhance or generalize sensory specific satiety demonstrated efficacy in the promotion of weight loss. Further investigation into this approach on the secondary effects of obesity and diabetes is warranted.

If this “study” is so convincing, why not make it available on the web site that sell the “sprinkles?” Not holding up for peer review?

So, now, when you have read my glowing review, are you ready to shell out $59 (special price!) for a one month’s supply of sprinkles? With autoship! Or, if you were really impressed by the “study” and the “success stories” you can go directly to the 6 months option, for $235, with autoship!

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I read your story and I too fell victim of reading all the “glowing” reviews about the product. I too thought it was a scam adn I too did not want to spend any money on the product. That was until I found what really was a “FREE” offer. I read a great review about the product and soon olearned that FREE was really only a $4.95 cost to ship it to my door. I paid the $4.95 and had 2 months arrive at my door and I started to use it. That was about one month ago.
I may not have some fancy website, but I did use the stuff and it is working for me. Why don’t you order the stuff and write a real review? After all it is only $4.95 and you can spend more money on coffee at Starbucks!

The only place I have seen a link for the “FREE” offer ($4.95) is SensaSolution

Buy it then review it before you try to formulate an opinion.

Only $4.95? I don’t think so. This is what the offer says:

“You have a full 30 days to try your Sensa 2-Month Starter Kit. If you enjoy Sensa, do nothing. You’ll be billed one low payment of $89.95 on 3/31/2009. That’s a 34% SAVINGS off the retail price.

Plus, you’ll enjoy free enrollment in our Sensa SmartShip service. You will automatically receive a fresh supply every 2 months so you never run out of Tastants. Plus you will lock in the low price of only $89.95 every 60 days, billed to your credit card, plus free shipping and handling.”

My gosh!, Why the hostility? “I don’t think so”
You pay $4.95 and they send you a two months supply. If you want to cancel it, then you cancel it!.

If you decide to keep it then you pay $89.95 every two months.

It is $4.95 for the first two months…that’s pretty much it, if you desire to cancel, then cancel, you still only paid $4.95!
Take a chill pill, relax…..breathe deep…

only thing i want to know is how to stop it fromgoing further. I find no value to it it is a \scam and I want out.

I need to cancel my autoship and there is no form or number available where I can contact the company to do this without canceling my credit card. That should be readily available for everyone.

The product does work & the cost is not $4.95 it is $89.95 for the two months. I would like to know what the long term results are as it is easy to lose weight. The real question is keeping it off. Long term studies would be more helpful in making an informed decision to try the product. I am disappointed in not being able to read the actual study as to how it was conducted.

Once you send for it you cannot cancel or return it! What a damn rip off!!!!

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