How to turn dieting into a religion

At least he is trying. Check out Kimorexia’s post about a Zero Carb forum that has turned into something that very much resembles a cult. (I actually wrote a post about that a few weeks ago.)

This Zero Carb forum started about a year ago after the leader and his disciples had been thrown out of Jimmy Moore’s low carb forum. The new Zero Carb forum eventually grew to over 800 members.

Many of the members arrived from Lowcarbfriends where there were several ZC threads running. Many of these members also ended up being banned from LCF as they tried to spread the word of the ZC forum in ways that violated TOS.

While the Zero Carb forum initially had open registration (donations welcomed but not required) that policy recently changed. They pruned the membership list down to less than 300 members. The reasoning behind this is not clear to me as the posts about the change are very confusing and even more contradictory.

Kimorexia did a good job of listing what is expected of members of that forum. The list is already long, but I could add a couple of more things:

I could go on, but I think enough has been said about that place. Like Kimorexia, I hope the members abandon ship and start their own forum where this type of behavior is not acceptable.

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Obviously, I agree with you!

Calling them a “cult” is being much too kind. Excellent analysis!

ZIOH is supposed to be a site chronicling what happens to folks who follow a zero carb diet. Since there is not a lot of info out there about this and since it seems some people are willing to act as human guinea pigs, I can see the interest and value in that. HOWEVER, when people are not allowed to post their struggles or failures, that leads to a biased sample and the information becomes worthless. Imagine the outrage if a drug company threw out the participants in a study who did not respond favorably to the drug they were testing. It also reminds one of the research tactics of Ancel Keys who is frequently referred to as an “idiot” on that site…

Their membership level a few months back was actually just shy of 1300!

Yes, a cult. And that’s why you all are fat and unhealthy. Just stay over here spewing your nonsense while failing at your diets. When you decide to get serious and lose those pounds and get healthy, come see us.

And you accept comments from Jimmy, who is currently eating peanut butter ice cream and full blown carbs? Get real folks.

Hey wait a minute….Aren’t these all the people we kicked out? Of course, they don’t like us….

Hey, Charles, is that the best you’ve got? To tell us that we are all fat? Unlike you, I have never been fat in my life. I’m presently 125 lbs @ 5’6″ and I maintain that weight eating quite a few carbs.
Is this always the way you react to criticism? You tried to belittle 2big4mysize as well, calling her a fat failure. She has been at goal for years, successfully losing and maintaining on Atkins.

Charles can’t debate you on the facts because you didn’t say anything that was incorrect, so he turns to personal attacks. Predictable.

For the record, Charles didn’t throw me out – I left there months ago after observing the unhealthy dynamic of the site. I went there to learn about zc and to learn why anyone would do it or think it’s healthy. What I learned is that if you string together pseudo science and act like an arrogant ass, you can con people into thinking you know what you’re talking about.

You’re right, I apologize for insinuating your were fat. I was more thinking of your friend Jimmy there. He is definitely fat. I didn’t mean, all of you, I should have been more clear.

However, I do think you need lives. Why would you sit around here commenting on such a horrible forum? If ZIOH is so bad, then why monitor it and obsess as you are doing? You’re sitting here picking apart stuff as if you have no life. Isn’t that a little odd to you? I mean really. This obsession needs to stop.

All of the people on ZIOH are adults and they are there by choice. I deny membership to at least 5 or 6 every single day. We’re only interested in members who are ZC and who will journal their experiences for people like you who can’t do it yourselves.

I don’t see any criticism here. Our forum rules are not something I need to apologize for. You start your own forum and you can run it how you like. I don’t go to other forums criticizing the way they do things. I don’t see where you find the time.

By the number of advertisements you have here, it’s clear that I am helping you immensely. By criticizing me, you get to have more people come and possibly make more money. I get that.

Despite that, I don’t even have a criticism for this blog of yours. I only noticed this blog because you linked to my blog. I don’t care. The more you talk bad about me and ZIOH, the more members we get. Our before and after pictures speak for themselves. We are healthy and we sport great success stories by people who have tried all other plans, yet with ours, they have success.

I have no wish to argue with you or your members here nor do I care if you continue your obsession with criticizing all that I do. I am in superb health and all of my members who have met me can vouch for that. I have nothing to hide nor anything to explain.

I’m glad I provide entertainment for you and this crew of yours.

Have a nice day.

And by the way, I found the Kimorexia thing entertaining. It’s not very accurate, but it’s cute. Enjoy!

I’m obsessive? Why did you come back to make two more comments? If it’s not at all important to you? If you don’t care?

Amusing about obsessing over a site and not having a life. Charles seems to keep pretty close tabs on Jimmy’s menus.

I am thankful for the vast, vast majority who have moved on to find health and sanity in their own way, and will continue to keep the remaining few who remain in my thoughts for clarity, health and happiness.

If you are looking for support or help and do not know where to turn, remember, tens of thousands fled Kimkins, and through support were able to move forward. It is not easy to leave a ‘tight’ group. Maybe you were banned from a board like LCF under false pretenses and now regret your decisions. It is not too late to mend fences. It is not too late to regain old friends. It is never too late to regain health, clarity and those bonds that were broken due to a trust that turned sour.

We are here to help you to be who you are without apology. Without regret. And in health.

In love and peace,

a former ZIOH member,

If the little narcissistic sanctimonious ‘leader’ took your money/site donation and banned you anyway (as he did me) please post that everywhere you possibly can in order to warn potential new members of his practices. Please people don’t give this person your money. Your donation means nothing to him unless you’re planning on drinking a quart of his blood on top of it.

I’m sorry you lost your money, Gulf Coast Girl. I can’t say I’m sorry you are out of that place though.

I have seen many members being banned / unregistered but I didn’t know the practice had extended to paying “support members.” I wonder how legal that is? To require donations for a specific member groups and then deny access? I mean, it’s not like you vilated TOS (Terms of Service)as there are none. At least, there is no official TOS just the ever-changing rules that Charles applies as he sees fit.

I was an active member there a year ago for a couple months. When I got tired of the unspoken rules and rudeness and said in my journal that I had to leave, Charles promptly banned me and locked my journal. When I questioned him as to why I was banned without a warning, he said he was “only granting my wishes”


I’ve been following the forum sporadically since, and it’s gotten much worse since then. Very few of the original members are left anymore…

Gulf Coast Girl, why were you banned? Just curious. I’m sorry you’re out that money. Are you continuing to eat zero carb? Did you find another forum to participate on?

I doubt Charles is making a fortune from donations, and never claimed he does. That’s not where my comparison to Heidi Diaz lies. I don’t think he lies to get people there, and don’t think he posts phony photos to do it. Where I see similarities are in how people are treated. Suck ups are showered with praise. Others must make postive posts only. Don’t talk about health concerns or needing vitamins, unless the health concerns can be viewed as being caused by some diet infraction like a minor cheat, never the diet itself. Don’t question authority. Don’t irritate the owner or moderators. Don’t use too much space. It’s just not healthy to allow people to treat you that way.

I probably didn’t say that well. I’m in a hurry. GCG, I wish you well! I hope your friends find you and that you can work on your goals together!

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I posted about this in the ZC thread at LCF. I don’t want to retype the whole thing here but basically I never caused one problem there. I read quietly and posted exactly twice – in a journal.

I wasn’t an active post every hour on the hour member there at all but I did make a donation and was very respectful of his wishes of not commenting about anything there since I wasn’t ZC.

(The reason I made a donation there was because some of the literature he’s provided there helped me greatly. I felt like taking that info without giving something back was like stealing and I still feel that way.)

My anger with all of this isn’t about the money (it wasn’t that much in the grand scheme of things). It’s that I was very respectful there plus I found some of the information there worthy of a donation – which he certainly didn’t refuse. But yet that wasn’t worthy enough of a warning or notification prior to banning me? That’s the only reason I want to make sure others know about it so they don’t make the same mistake as I did. They don’t want to peacefully coexist with others there. They want an exclusive ‘club’. Which is perfectly fine if you’re into that sort of I’m better-than-you/you’re-not-worthy-of-us nonsense. I just think that as someone who took the time to make a personal contribution and never did one thing worthy of banning I deserved at least some sort of notice prior to being wiped out.

Thanks so much for posting all of this.

I think it is very sad when someone must take themselves so seriously that they begin to believe they have found the Holy Grail or something. Charles may be into all of this for the “fame and fortune” since he has set up so many sites to sell t-shirts and other junk. It seems like his extremity may be related to seeking the notoriety to start selling products, books, etc. Or he could just be completely insane.

This man does not even have a firm grasp (or possibly any grasp) of basic human physiology, yet, he hands out all kinds of advice (or, I guess, for his members, requirements) for what practices to follow. It is just like Kimkins IMO. It’s dangerous!

You’re ALL f—– nuts…

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