Zero Carb Forum Bans Paying Members

The new confusing and not clearly stated “rules” on the Zero Carb forum require adherence to the ZC diet and participation on the forum in order to remain a member. Everybody else is relegated to guest status where you can read parts of the forum but not post.

There is a special category of members on the forum, support members. These are member that have also donated money to the Leader. As far as I understand, when the new “rules” came into effect, these members would be exempt from the journaling requirement. But apparently they are not exempt from banning. I received a comment from such a support member and she wants to warn others.

If the little narcissistic sanctimonious ‘leader’ took your money/site donation and banned you anyway (as he did me) please post that everywhere you possibly can in order to warn potential new members of his practices. Please people don’t give this person your money. Your donation means nothing to him unless you’re planning on drinking a quart of his blood on top of it.

I wonder how legal this is. To accept money for services (forum access) and then deny access without cause. There cannot be any “cause” as there are no Terms of Service to violate. 

The post Kimorexia did last week, and my post chiming in have been discussed on the Zero Carb forum and Charles submitted some comments here on my blog as well.

Charles’ comments here reveal his personality, and not in a good way in my opinion.

Yes, a cult. And that’s why you all are fat and unhealthy. Just stay over here spewing your nonsense while failing at your diets. When you decide to get serious and lose those pounds and get healthy, come see us.

And you accept comments from Jimmy, who is currently eating peanut butter ice cream and full blown carbs? Get real folks.

Hey wait a minute….Aren’t these all the people we kicked out? Of course, they don’t like us….

You’re right, I apologize for insinuating your were fat. I was more thinking of your friend Jimmy there. He is definitely fat. I didn’t mean, all of you, I should have been more clear.

However, I do think you need lives. Why would you sit around here commenting on such a horrible forum? If ZIOH is so bad, then why monitor it and obsess as you are doing? You’re sitting here picking apart stuff as if you have no life. Isn’t that a little odd to you? I mean really. This obsession needs to stop.

All of the people on ZIOH are adults and they are there by choice. I deny membership to at least 5 or 6 every single day. We’re only interested in members who are ZC and who will journal their experiences for people like you who can’t do it yourselves.

I don’t see any criticism here. Our forum rules are not something I need to apologize for. You start your own forum and you can run it how you like. I don’t go to other forums criticizing the way they do things. I don’t see where you find the time.

By the number of advertisements you have here, it’s clear that I am helping you immensely. By criticizing me, you get to have more people come and possibly make more money. I get that.

Despite that, I don’t even have a criticism for this blog of yours. I only noticed this blog because you linked to my blog. I don’t care. The more you talk bad about me and ZIOH, the more members we get. Our before and after pictures speak for themselves. We are healthy and we sport great success stories by people who have tried all other plans, yet with ours, they have success.

I have no wish to argue with you or your members here nor do I care if you continue your obsession with criticizing all that I do. I am in superb health and all of my members who have met me can vouch for that. I have nothing to hide nor anything to explain.

I’m glad I provide entertainment for you and this crew of yours.

Have a nice day.

And by the way, I found the Kimorexia thing entertaining. It’s not very accurate, but it’s cute. Enjoy!

I find it interesting that Charles assume that I am fat. And that he is using this characteristic as a derogatory attribute. There was a comment on the forum along the same lines:

They are defensive. WHO are all these ZIOH refugees who are complaining? And are they complaining perhaps, b/c they binge, cannot keep weight off, and are still trapped in the carb cycle? Seems more likely to me.

What Charles and his disciples in the Zero Carb compund totally missed is that neither Kimorexia nor I even talk about the Zero Carb Diet. We talk about forum practices that we find dispicable and demeaning. Nothing else. Whether we are fat or not, wheather we ever did ZC or not, whether we were ZIOH members or not is totally irrelevant.

It is also interesting that Charles and this member resort to “fat bashing.” Charles runs a diet forum. Granted, there are many underweight people there with eating disorders but there is a fair share of people trying to lose weight as well. Just the other day, one members was strongly reprimanded for having expressed her opinion which could be read as if she considered fat people lazy. That was not acceptable. Of course, the same rules apparently do not apply to the leader himself.

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Heidi Diaz used to do the same thing! Anyone who questioned her authority or her diet plan would get the fat bashing treatment. And jealous – always jealous! Maybe next we can be mad housewives.

I’ve really never seen a more ‘fat-ist’ organized group of people in my life. Aside from that, if the dates he’s listed on his pictures are correct he’s really only been thin for what 2 years (his before pic is Oct 06 but the first after pic is dated Sept 08 – surely it didn’t take him 2 years to lose 60 pounds on his ‘optimal’ eating plan)? So many of them have just blindly sold their souls to a devil with pretty much zero long term experience himself. Again, I don’t care how anyone else eats. More power to them. But for someone with 2 years experience himself to act like his way/word is the be all/end all it is just ludicrous beyond words.

And oh yeah, I’m so jealous. *roll eyes* I started out with around 160 pounds to lose and should hit ‘goal’ around March/April. So approximately 160 pounds in 22 months. I don’t see anyone there putting up similar numbers. I eat LC stuff they consider ‘crap’ all the time. I’m so miserable, unsuccessful and jealous of not eating meat and water. Please. *roll eyes*

(Mariasol, sorry for being so wordy in your blog. Apparently I needed to get all of that out.)

Gulf Coast Girl, please be as wordy as you like. I agree with everything you say and you express it so well :)
I don’t have a personal stake in all this. I was not a member, haven’t done ZC (even though I’m not opposed to the diet as such, to each his own) and just got annoyed reading what went on at that forum.
You are right that Charles is not an authority on anything but it seems that he wants all his members to emulate exactly what he is doing. Charles stops weight lifting. Now exercise is not allowed. Not unless, like Charles, you run in a race. Running just because you like it is not allowed.
Charles starts to eat mainly ground beef instead of steaks and other meats. Suddenly everybody eat ground beef.
Charles no longer tolerates rare meat. Now others prefer their meat well done too. Etc, etc.

Speaking to the fat bias, I remember once Suzanne lamented being in the same space with a 300 pound person when she went for a pedicure I think it was (she was disturbed and inconvenienced at having to see them or some such nonsense). Hearing that, especially from a moderator and someone with an eating disorder? … Others there commiserated with poor Suzanne for having to share space with someone who apparently weighed more than she felt they should weigh… Another time, when there was a disagreement about the disdain for the overweight that seems to be prevalent at ZIOH, Charles assured the posters that fat people like Lee (one of their members) showed up to their meetups, and that they expected even fatter people to show up… as though it was a badge of honor… These posts (and other examples of their bias) are at the board for anyone who wants to search for them… That Charles assumes sane people (ie, those who disagree with his zealotry) are fat is comical, but it does show his dysfunction…

I never complained about sharing a space with a 300 pound person during a pedicure or anything like that, must be someone else. Plus, I would never be upset about having to share a space with an overweight person. I have been overweight and I know how uncomfortable they are in a small seat. I would just shove over a bit and give them any extra room.
I cannot believe you think I would be disturbed seeing a 300 pound person. Seeing a child abused is disturbing, not an obese person. I do feel for the obese people cause I know they are not choosing to be overweight. They just do not know how to lose the weight, not their fault. All they hear on the tv is exercise more and eat less, well, that does not work for a lot of us.

Sorry to be behind the 8-ball again….but isn’t Jimmy the only reason anyone even knows who Charles is….I am sorely disappointed. I generally liked the information that Charles gave as a moderator at Jimmy’s site. Zero carb is not for me….but then again…I guess I’m just Fat and don’t wanna do anything about it.

The forum banning is something that he may live to regret, especially if Jeanessa signed up. :)


Charles is not making a living off his web site, he does it for pleasure. So, how could banning people he does not like hurt him?

Oh, I think it’s more of a matter that Charles has not been able to make a living off the web site. I recall some of the early discussions, still on Jimmy’s forum, where he was looking into getting sponsors. Can’t imagine what company would be interested. Beef supplier?

I’d say banning paying members could be a significant credibility blow, actually.

What about all the web sites he keeps erecting to sell t-shirts and other junk?! He’s obviously in it to make money. It’s pathetic. It’s much more pathetic that he has so easily attracted followers and worshippers. That is downright scary, because in these times, this world is ripe for fascism, and events like this just show how easily it can come down. Makes my skin crawl, really it does!

All the other web sites? LOL Yes, we sell t-shirts on the web site, but at cost. No one makes any money on those. Rest assured there will be no free cruise paid for by the profits of selling 5 t-shirts a year, lol.
He looked into sponsors to cover the cost of running the web site. I was the one who suggested donations to keep it running. Trust me, people do not give him enormous amounts of money, we are talking $10 here. It just keeps the site running without him paying out of pocket.
“The world is ripe for fascism”? Seriously? A bit paranoid aren’t we?

I was a paying member over at ZIOH and kept my journal up to date and still got deleted. Why? because I mentioned I had something not on the regular ZC menu.
And then I read how others are still eating LC and VLC and falling face first in other foods and they are still on the message board, not banned.
Something is terribly wrong with CW. His ego has gotten so big, his pants are in a wad around his crotch. Poor dear. But the good news is, all of his followers are leaving, including little Mallory and now they don’t have anyone to skin alive in the public forum.
Shame, shame on that little tiny man that thinks he’s the bomb. I don’t know many women that like small men, but he thinks he’s the bomb and when I look at any of his pictures, he gives me the eeebie jeeebies. He’s just plain ugly.

Thank you for blogging about a very distasteful place.


I can’t read your post without remembering dear Borat…

If Charles does not try to make money off his website and does it just for “pleasure”… pleasurable is it to be rude and obnoxious to folks. Jimmy does what he does for a living…still has a free website and to my knowledge has done little to no banning.

Charles is just another version of Heidi Diaz….same big ole egos….Charles just managed to lose the weight.

Again…I’m just very very disappointed that someone who I respected and sought advice from….disappointed me….ONCE AGAIN!



I am actually interested in VLC or ZC but after reading that forum I feel lack of support.

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