Zero Carb Ice Cream

Is there such a thing? According to the Leader of the zero carb forum, ZIOH, there is. While this board has been very strict in their food allowances, the rules change once again when the Leader decides that he wants ice cream.

This is the same Leader that unregistered a member when she posted about having 2.5 grams 99% cacao on a daily basis! Cacao was not allowed as it is a plant matter. But now, the Leader himself has even been considering using sugar to make ice cream. As far as I know, sugar is also plant matter and has many, many more carbs than a few grams of cocoa. Not to mention carbs in cream, eggs and milk he also plans to use for his ice cream.

It is also surprising that the Leader even considers eating ice cream. After all, this is the man that insists that food should not be eaten for entertainment. This is the man that insists that ground beef and water provides all nutrition a body needs. This is the man that holds himself up as proof that a long term diet of meat and water is perfectly healthy. This is the man that constantly berates Jimmy Moore for his “sweet addiction.”

So what prompted the change? My guess is that the Leader’s recent restrictive diet combined with a very intense workout regimen have resulted in cravings. The previous edicts of eating until full and allowing plenty of rest between exercise sessions are no longer valid. At least not for the Leader.

When challenged by a long time member that asked “Why” the answer was just:

Why not? I just want to see what my parameters are. I should have began my ZC journey with all the foods that are ZC but I didn’t. Now, I am in a neat position to see how they effect me. I weight 140.8. If I eat some ZC ice cream and go to 143, then ice cream is out — not that I would eat it very often.

Is he now admitting that he has done ZC wrong all this time? It certainly looks that way to me.

The Leader is also commenting on these new ZC rules with respect to newbies:

We often send the wrong message to newbies and lurkers evidently because the majority of folks who come here think that all we eat is meat and drink water. That’s not the right message to send either. Newbies should try the entire pallet of ZC foods (as I’ve often said) which includes eggs, cheese, cream, and all those sorts of things. If they run into problems, then they have to decrease consumption or eliminate them. That’s ALWAYS been the message from day 1.

Talk about rewriting history. Not that he needs to worry much about newbies. There might be one or two people per month that join the forum, if that. There are more people that leave than that join at this point in time. ZC ice cream is not likely to change that trend.


The Leader ended up using sugar after all. In one of the two batches he reportedly made. Just 1/8 of a cup so to him it was perfectly justifiable. Claiming that the sugar is just used to lower the freezing point and that the end product didn’t taste sweet. Plus that ice cream is low glycemic due to the the high fat content.

That sugar is a plant matter and not following the Leaders ZC definition (animal kingdom) apparently means nothing. One member asked for a clarification:

Help me understand properly the ice cream recipe, because I am confused. Do some people here eat sugar, even though it’s not an animal product?

The Leader responded:

No, we don’t eat sugar and No, we don’t put AS in heavy cream. Heavy cream and whole milk are ZC despite their lactose. You would have to experiment for yourself to see how your body responds to these products without adding any form of sweetener. On ZC, they should be sweet enough on their own.

With the ice cream it’s a little different because in my recipe, there is no hint of sweetness. It literally tastes like heavy cream flavored ice cream. Even in the batch with the two tablespoons of sugar, the sugar is used to lower the freezing point of the mixture so it doesn’t turn to ice and will allow the ice cream maker to churn it. However, it doesn’t affect the taste because it’s so small in relation to the entire batch.

Does this makes sense to anybody? ZC is foods from the animal kingdom until the Leader decides that plant matter is allowed as well. I’m still trying to understand why 2.5 grams of 99% cocoa was such an issue for the Leader. Enough of an issue to ban (unregister) a member.

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interesting. Maybe somebody should teach him about ziplock baggie low carb ice cream even atkins inductees can eat, just cream, sweetner of choice, and some source of flavor like an extract or combining both using DaVinci Splenda syrups.

according to Dr Atkins wife Veronica on the Larry King show in 2004 she said the whole atkins food company came about because Robert wanted ice cream.

I think he just lives in an alternate universe…a dangerous one, though.

That’s interesting 2Big. I didn’t know that about Atkins.

So what flavoring can he use that belongs to the animal kingdom? Beef flavored ice cream?

I am totally an ice cream person, so I had to go look up this thread. First off, “Zero Carb” ice cream is a total misnomer. It includes eggs (quite a few) and heavy cream, as well as “flavorings” or extract.

Oh my! Did you see this? “real heavy cream with no shit in it”. Yes, I prefer my food without shit included in it. (I know what he meant, but this is just off-putting!)

I have three ice cream makers….just in case one of them should be out of order :-) and I only make LC ice cream, but then, I don’t pretend to be ZERO carb, either.

GHarkness, I agree. I find it sad that members are still cheering him on, no matter what he does. Wouldn’t they get tired of the “do as I say and not as I do” message he repeats over and over again?

LOL, GHarkness. He uses that word pretty often which I find funny as he otherwise likes to impress with fancy words when a more common word would have done just as well.

I look forward to read about his results. Somehow I think it will end up like frozen scrambled eggs as he decided to skip the sugar and use a lot of egg yolks instead.

What is so unsatisfying about the supermarket ground beef, beef fat and water diet that he’s compromising his position like this? Could he be losing interest? Losing his mind?

Now they are blaming the dogma on Darcy!

Darcy? Well, that is easy as she is no longer there. It makes me wanting to search for some quotes from the Leader. I remember plenty of them. Where newbies were constantly told that the successful ZC’ers stuck to ground beef only. Dairy was to be avoided, in all forms. I can’t imagine what the Leader would have said if someone had reported eating ice cream.

Maybe this is all a belated April Fool’s Day joke LOL!! When I read that he was considering using real sugar, I just about fell out of my chair!

Justifying putting foods he formerly forbade back into his diet, especially toxic sugar and sweeteners, makes him sound somewhat like Jimmy Moore.

Isn’t it ironic that Charles is making ice cream and justifying it and Jimmy, last I knew, had sworn off his soda addition and is eating nearly 0 carb?

The Leader is now eating cheese cake. What about not having food as entertainment? I think it would be hard to argue that cheese cake is necessary for survival.

next it will be oopsie rolls! I was pretty stunned when I was reading about the ice cream- especially when he was in such a hurry for the ice cream maker that he could not wait until later this month to get it, and that he stayed up half the night making it. Sounds like a pretty strong craving to me. I am sorry, but what a jerk, to now act like he never told people it should be just meat and water.

LOL, lois. Oopsie rolls have already been mentioned in the ice cream thread. For making an ice cream sandwich.

Yesterday the Leader had both ice cream and cheese cake. What will it be today? Seems that this “occasional treat” is turning into a daily habit.

Is this all a big joke? What’s next – will he ban himself? With a snarky “come back when you’re tough enough” speech? Or will he un-ban the others he’s banned for far less?

What a hypocrite.

He needs to adjust his “no-exercise” rules as well. He is running twice per day now. No talk about rest days to let the body recover.

Oopsie rolls! Woohoo!

Sorry… Got excited. I almost schmootzed.

LOL, Cleo! I still remember the exchange you had with the Leader and his minions before you left. And what they said about you after you left.

And, do you know that they didn’t link to your blog for the oopsie recipe? One link was to LindaSue (a ZIOH member) and the other one to Sparkpeople.

This is both amusing and instructive.

If you notice the foods The Leader is now eating (cheese, cream, eggs – not counting the sugar…) and seems to have cravings for contain exactly the nutrients that are lacking in muscle meat – namely, Vitamin A, D, E, K2, etc.

I’m guessing his nutrient deficiencies are now catching up to him. Not that he’ll ever actually admit it.

Sam, I was thinking the same thing except I would also include calcium (or maybe that’s included in your “etc.”).

And the latest pics of him — it looks like he’s lost at least 10 lbs. of muscle over the winter. I’m a moderately physically active female (about 1.5 hours of strength training per week plus some hiking) and I’d bet I have at least as much muscle mass as he does if not more.

How funny! Though considering the animosity and lies told about me there by a couple of the members (remember tooter and her ridiculous cookbook conspiracy theory?) I’m not surprised they’re not going to credit me for my work either.

I guess that’s what makes us…well, us, and them… well, them!

I always credit people for their hard work whenever I can. I know you do, too. I guess some people have too much of an agenda to support others in the community.

I think it is disgusting. Sweet and eating as entertainment ae not carnivore and not ZC. I never eat fake icecream and oopsie rolls. Meat and fat are what the body needs, not sugars and carb / junk food substitutes.

I got kicked off because I refused to stop weightlifting, IFing and eating raw ground beef. Now sugar and fake LC (I refuse to call icecream and cheesecake ZC) foods are acceptable.

“And the latest pics of him — it looks like he’s lost at least 10 lbs. of muscle over the winter.”

JDN, in response to this comment did you see he had to run post some current pictures of himself running? And of course they all fall in line to tell him how good he looks. I try really hard to never comment on the way someone else looks but ZC really must do something to your eyesight. With the exception of Dana I can’t think of one other person there who looks healthy.

Oh my, the oopsie thing is just too much! Cleo, I guess you ain’t so dumb after all, eh? Smooch!

According to the USDA nutrient database, a cup of whole milk contains 12.83 grams of SUGAR. Other sites put it somewhere between 11 and 13g. How does this fit in a zc diet in any way? With hypocrisy like that, it’s no wonder so many people have chosen not to play follow The Leader.

Charles Washington is a sick man.

i know this post is older, but i was just dismissed from ZIOH. b/c my mostly meat diet has evolved to 90% meat…and now to read this blog post?? what hypocrisy!! he completely disregarded my request to close my journal without drawing attention and he made a remark in my journal that made it seem sinful for me to make my own food choices. i had made friends on that forum and now they are led to believe i am some sort of flake b/c i can’t defend what he wrote in my journal….not cool. it’s funny how someone on another forum i post on read that my WOE has changed and she runs to C and tattles….real grown up people….


Serves you right for not being deferential enough towards The Leader. J/K ;`)

Seriously, who cares what any of them think. Contrary to what they believe, they do not know what is the best diet for everyone on the planet, past, present, and future, world without end amen. It is unfathomable to me that someone would believe they are so superiorly insightful as to have such knowledge but the psychiatric diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder came about for a reason. Do what you know is best for you and leave those weirdos behind.

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