Homeopathic hCG

I wrote about the HCG diet a while ago. My conclusion at that time was that the hCG itself has no effect on weight loss. Eating only 500 calories per day for 23 – 40 days is what produces weight loss.

Who wouldn’t lose weight on 500 calories per day?

But the hCG proponents insist that the hCG helps suppressing appetite so that it’s easy to eat such a small amount of food. Again, a 500 calorie diet will do that in itself. Just ask the people that starved themselves doing Kimkins. It is also a well known fact that even with water fasting (zero calories) you are no longer hungry after the initial 2 – 4 days. 500 calories is not that much different, especially as they are low carb.

The true HCG injections need to be prescribed by a doctor. Or someone that claims to be a doctor. Internet “consultations” are becoming more common and you don’t really know who is at the other end.  Not all people want to give themselves injections and they are also costly. Consequently a new alternative has emerged, which reportedly is equally efficient: Homeopathic hCG.

Homeopathic hCG (hhCG) is sold as a liquid or spray. 10 – 15 drops, or sprays, under the tongue, 3 – 4 times per day are supposed to provide the same results as hCG injections. Provided that the 500 calorie diet is followed.

I knew nothing about Homeopathy so I started searching. The hhCG drops are labeled 6X, 12X, 30X, 60X. One 2 oz bottle, sufficient for 23 days of 500 calorie starvation, sells for as high as $140 or as low as $15. It isn’t obvious if the more expensive brands are more efficient. They are all called the same – homeopathic hCG.

I also did not know what the 6X, 12X, etc. numbers meant. One hHCG proponent explained it as:

The numbers refer to the number of times the original substance was micro-diluted and succussed. Each level of dilution according to homeopathic principals has a slightly different energy signature. The higher the number, the more times the item has been diluted and put through the process. According to the laws of homeopathy, higher numbers of dilution are actually stronger. (Which isn’t always better, some people respond better to one potency than another.) So by making a combination remedy that includes potencies of 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x, the remedy will have a slightly broader spectrum effect than one with just 12x, 30x, 60x. If it was me, I’d get the one with the broader spectrum, all other things being equal, because it also includes that lower number base.

Wikipedia has a longer explanation that basically says the same.

From this, I understand that the 6X means that the original liquid (hCG?) is diluted 1 part to 1,000,000. The 60X would be 1 to 10^60. Sufficient to say, there is not a single molecule of the original substance in the resulting hhCG.

But apparently that is the idea with homeopathy:

Some homeopathic remedies are so diluted, no molecules of the healing substance remain. Even with sophisticated technology now available, analytical chemists may find it difficult or impossible to identify any active ingredient. But the homeopathic belief is that the substance has left its imprint or a spirit-like essence that stimulates the body to heal itself.

The reason most commonly offered today by homeopathic proponents is the remedy’s solution has a “memory” of the original substance. What is this memory? Homeopaths say it is electromagnetic waves of the active ingredient it once contained. They say that vigorous shaking between each dilution make this memory possible.

Memory? Imprint or spirit-like essence? Really?

The special shaking action or potentizing used in homeopathy separates the etheric fields from their material substance. The latter is then discarded and the former concentrated. These concentrated etheric fields are much more potent in this way than when they were combined with matter.


So this homeopathic hCG does not contain any hCG at all. Isn’t it misleading to call it hCG? Apparently not according to homeopathic rules.

I wonder if snake oil has anything from a snake in it?

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Some homeopathic remedies are so diluted, no molecules of the healing substance remain… But the homeopathic belief is that the substance has left its imprint or a spirit-like essence that stimulates the body to heal itself.

Thanks for looking into this, Mariasol. I didn’t know that that’s what homeopathic remedies were about. Can you say “placebo effect”?

Hi, Stargazey. At least the hhCG should be harmless. Unfortunately, the hhCG diet may not be. It promotes eating 500 calories per day as “HCG makes the energy from fat cells available.” It looks like “Ask Kimmer” all over again. Not surprisingly, many that did Kimkins are now trying HCG.

Yes. It surprised me that Low Carb Friends permitted this diet on their site. It’s a setup for hair loss, heart damage, eating disorders and all the side effects we have come to associate with Kimkins. I guess that the bright side is that (as far as I know) there is no guru turning hCG into a cult experience like Kimkins and ZIOH. If it doesn’t work, people will just drop out rather than extending the damage to their health while they try to please some charismatic leader.

Netrition sells hhCG.
There are a couple of people on that thread that act as cheerleaders, but you are right, they are not Kimmer. The tone in the July thread did reach cult levels though IMO with all the talk of sticking strictly to protocol with avoiding skin contact with fat, not using lotions with oil, not eating lean turkey because it wasn’t on the list, not having two vegetables at the same meal, etc. Crazy!
Not to mention the loading days. Don’t people see that this is a prescribed binge / starve diet?

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