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2 More Weeks of Magic Chicken

Domain Name: MAGICCHICKENDIET.COM Created on: 02-May-07 Expires on: 02-May-08 The Magic Chicken Diet that was made as a clone of Kimkins (both the web site and the diet itself) might be gone in a couple of weeks if the domain is not renewed. We have already seen a number of former pro-Kimkins sites being put […]

Blowing the MCD tip

One week ago, I posted an open link to the forum at the Magic Chicken Diet. As this happened shortly before the “Blame Everything on Yucky/Mimi Day” yucky got unfairly accused of “blowing the MCD tip”. As far as I understand, yucky saw the link on my blog, and then posted it. At least it […]

Magic Chicken Diet Questions

Mayberryfan posted a number of questions to Bonnie Luper. I really hope Bonnie stops by and provides some answers. I have a few more: What is the purpose of the Magic Chicken Diet site? To make money is obvious, but HOW is this supposed to happen? How would anybody find the Magic Chicken? There is […]