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Zero Carb Ice Cream

Is there such a thing? According to the Leader of the zero carb forum, ZIOH, there is. While this board has been very strict in their food allowances, the rules change once again when the Leader decides that he wants ice cream. This is the same Leader that unregistered a member when she posted about […]

Pure Zero Carb Diet

The Leader at ZIOH calls his version of Zero Carb, a “Pure Zero Carb” diet. It’s not really clear what this is anymore as the diet advice on ZIOH is constantly changing. Previously, the recommendations followed what the Leader presently was eating but the last couple of days, mere members have gotten more of a […]

Is a Zero Carb Diet Sustainable?

I have made a few blog posts concerning the practices on a Zero Carb forum, but I have largely refrained from voicing my opinion about the diet as such. However, some recent posts in a thread on Active Lowcarber (ALC) make it obvious that ZC does not work for everyone, despite what the ZC guru […]

Zero Carb Attracts Anorexics

Already from the start of the Zero Carb forum, there was a large number of members that were trying to recover from Eating Disorders. The proportion of ED’ers as compared to other dieters seems to have kept on increasing so now the entire board gives the impression of an “ED recovery zone.” I can understand […]

Zero Carb Forum Bans Paying Members

The new confusing and not clearly stated “rules” on the Zero Carb forum require adherence to the ZC diet and participation on the forum in order to remain a member. Everybody else is relegated to guest status where you can read parts of the forum but not post. There is a special category of members […]

How to turn dieting into a religion

At least he is trying. Check out Kimorexia’s post about a Zero Carb forum that has turned into something that very much resembles a cult. (I actually wrote a post about that a few weeks ago.) This Zero Carb forum started about a year ago after the leader and his disciples had been thrown out […]

Diet Cults

How come specific diets often result in the forming of cult-like groups? The more extreme the diet, the more likely the followers exhibit cult-like behaviors,  it seems. Kimkins was a typical example. Very low carb, very low fat, very low calorie. You really needed to be brainwashed to manage to follow such a starvation diet […]

Zero Carb Diet

The latest diet rage seems to be the Zero Carb Diet. The rules are: Eat only from the animal world (eggs, fish, red meat and fowl and some dairy are all animal sourced foods, i.e.: meat). Eat nothing from the vegetable world whatsoever. (Very small amounts of flavorings such as garlic/chillies/spices/herbs which may be added, […]

What Makes Kimkins Dangerous

It’s not really that it’s an extreme low carb, low fat, low calorie diet. After all, there are other low calorie diets out there. Just look at the latest issue of Women’s World or some other women’s magazine and I can guarantee that the recommended diet is low calorie. It may not be announced as […]

Multivitamin Pill

Is it enough? Kimmer recommends a multivitamin per day for her 500 calories starvation diet, Kimkins. Theoretically, this will provide the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for all essential vitamins and minerals. Does that mean that my body gets everything it needs to function? As the energy will be taken from stored body fat and the […]