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Counting Calories

The calorie is a unit of energy, in particular heat. The small calorie, gram calorie, or calorie (symbol: cal) is the amount of heat (energy) required to raise the temperature of one gram of water by 1 °C. The large calorie, kilogram calorie, kilocalorie (symbol: kcal), or Calorie (capital C) is the amount of heat […]

Fat Phobia

Are you afraid of using fats when cooking? Avoiding fat cuts of meat? Buying “no fat” or “low fat” products? You are not alone. Most of us are brainwashed to believe that fat is bad for us and that eating fat makes us fat. This misconception seems to be based on two factors: Fat has […]

Get A Life

Wikipedia: “Get a life” is an originally American idiom and catch phrase usually intended as a taunt, to indicate that the person being so addressed is devoting an inordinate amount of time to trivial or hopeless matters. The phrase has also appeared as a generally more emphatic variant of the taunt “get a job” and […]

Kimkins No Exercise Diet

That is how the Kimkins starvation diet is promoted. Get slim without ever having to break a sweat. Look like the pretty girl in the red dress after you have lost 200 pounds in one year and are 49 years old. Of course, now we know that she really looks like this: Seems that the […]

SingingLass wants Attention

SingingLass has been a member of LCF since 08/25/2004 and was posting, starting in June 2006, as a “regular” dieter until she joined Kimkins in June 2007. Singing Lass has since made some posts on FWK, in support of Kimkins. But on March 16, Singing Lass chose to create a sockpuppet on LCF, LittleSina, drawing […]

Singing Lass in the Spotlight

As an aspiring opera singer, Kimkins Admin Singing Lass, aka Delaney Deaver, most likely loves being in the spotlight. However, being in the spotlight of the Kimkins scandal is not going to be an accomplishment she would want to add to her resume. Delaney has refused to leave Kimkins despite being encouraged to do so […]

Martina’s Martini

Martina’s Martini that first appeared as a troll on LCF has since been identified as John Essex, an ex-husband to one of the principals on the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit. In a post by Prudentia, it was suggested that John was “a person who was simply trying to lend aid to the cause of taking […]

Kimmer Lies to the AG Again

Today, I received a letter from the Attorney General of California with a response to my complaint about Kimkins. It was practically identical to the one Magicsmom received in January. The “private reason” given on Kimkins’ admin board, as sent to the AG, was a copy of a post on ALC that was made more […]

The Cult of the Narcissist

Like Kimmer, I like to reuse good information found on the web, but unlike Kimmer I give credit to my sources. The following article by Sam Vaknin was posted by v0xhumana on LCF. Read it and see if it isn’t a description of Kimmer. I think so. The Cult of the NarcissistBy Sam VakninAuthor of […]