Lowcarbfriends sells hhCG despite declared illegal by the FDA

FDA, FTC act to remove “homeopathic” HCG weight loss products from the market Joint action is first step in halting sale of the products Lowcarbfriends, a popular lowcarb bulletin board, established a support forum for the HCG diet about a year ago. This coincided with Netrition, the company that owns Lowcarbfriends, starting to sell the […]

hCG / hhCG Facts

There is no actual hCG in the homeopathic hhCG. None. It’s just expensive water and alcohol. The amount of hCG in the injections is insignificant and will not cause any effect on the body whatsoever. This was confirmed by an alleged doctor that prescribes hCG. The injectable hCG is RX, which means that a prescription […]

HCG Diet Rules

There are many crazy diets out there but hCG must be one of the most bizarre. The basic concept is simple. Eat 500 calories of non-fat foods. Who wouldn’t lose weight on such a diet? Starvation will result in weight loss. Always. There is more to the diet than the simple starvation rule though. Basically: […]

Homeopathic hCG

I wrote about the HCG diet a while ago. My conclusion at that time was that the hCG itself has no effect on weight loss. Eating only 500 calories per day for 23 – 40 days is what produces weight loss. Who wouldn’t lose weight on 500 calories per day? But the hCG proponents insist […]