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What Makes Kimkins Dangerous

It’s not really that it’s an extreme low carb, low fat, low calorie diet. After all, there are other low calorie diets out there. Just look at the latest issue of Women’s World or some other women’s magazine and I can guarantee that the recommended diet is low calorie. It may not be announced as […]

Low Carb Fiber

One of the main concerns for people starting a low carb diet is the apparent lack of fiber in the diet. I say “apparent” because it’s really a misconception. One of those accepted “truths” that keeps on being repeated over and over again. The FDA recommends 28 grams of fiber for a 2,000 cal diet. […]

Lowcarb Food Pyramid

The USDA food pyramid was latest updated 2005 and is due for a revision in 2010. Can we expect a change from the present recommendation of 45-65% carbs, 10-35% protein and 20-35% fat? I doubt it but it wouldn’t hurt to try. Kimkins Review has a call-out for how you can help. Only by getting […]

Kimkins Causing Eating Disorders

Kimmer is always saying that ALL overweight people already have an eating disorder – being fat is proof of disordered eating. I don’t agree. I know many overweight people that do not have what I would call an unhealthy relationship with food. They eat what they want and just don’t care about being heavier than […]

Kimkins when Traveling

Is it even possible? For me, it wouldn’t be. Look at a typical Kimkins approved meal as illustrated in my post here: Kimkins Food How could I possibly eat like that when traveling? 4 oz chicken and a “finger grab” salad for dinner? Egg white omelet instead of the breakfast buffet? Not a chance. I […]

Kimkins No Exercise Diet

That is how the Kimkins starvation diet is promoted. Get slim without ever having to break a sweat. Look like the pretty girl in the red dress after you have lost 200 pounds in one year and are 49 years old. Of course, now we know that she really looks like this: Seems that the […]

A Gem from Article-Gems

UPDATE: Article Gems decided to listen to us and has removed the articles! We have been all over the internet to pull kimkins weeds. One place kimkins articles were found was Article-Gems. They did not respond too well to emails sent by “angry weigh loss people”: Running an article directory – like article-gems is not […]

Counting Calories on Kimkins

Kimmer shares her diet wisdom in a recent blog post about how to properly measure food. She cautions:“Veggies should be loosely placed in the measuring cup, not packed. If we try hard enough, we could squish a whole package of frozen spinach into 1 cup. But then I’m only lying to ourselves. And the scale […]

Kimkins Food

Apparently, even Kimmer thought this Kimkins K/E meal I showed the other day looked miserable. But at least it was MY photo and cooked according to K/E rules with the suggested serving size of 4 oz (raw weight!). This is what Kimmer said on Kimkins blog today, answering a question whether to do K/E or […]