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Tipping the Scales to Health

TIPPING THE SCALES TO HEALTH is now open! The online world has a wonderful new resource for desperate dieters and anybody else who is determined to make health a priority in 2009. Join old friends and new as we kick the New Year off with a renewed dedication to health and weight loss!

Confusing Diet Study

The results from a diet study comparing low carb, Mediterranean, and low fat diets made the news the other day. As always, the results are not easily interpreted. Just look at the headlines this particular study inspired: Long-Term Diet Study Suggests Success Is Hard to Come By Diet Plans Produce Similar Results The Never-Ending Diet […]

The Cult of the Narcissist

Like Kimmer, I like to reuse good information found on the web, but unlike Kimmer I give credit to my sources. The following article by Sam Vaknin was posted by v0xhumana on LCF. Read it and see if it isn’t a description of Kimmer. I think so. The Cult of the NarcissistBy Sam VakninAuthor of […]

Reinforcing the Cult

Kimkins is often compared to a cult, as the community within the pay site ($79.95 membership) has a lot of similarities to a cult. See for yourself:Kimkins Cult MentalityKimkins Cult Mentality RevisitedKimkins – A Cult How can we recognize a cult? A fair use of the cult label for a questionable organization would require the […]

The Gravy Diet

Kimkins has a new competitor on the internet: The Gravy Diet! How the Gravy Diet works: While mainstream medical science kept telling people to lose weight by changing their diets and exercising more often, Dr. Morgan kept working towards his dream of providing people with a quickfix diet that would allow people to lose massive […]

Angry at Kimkins

Heidi Diaz’ lawyer is trying to get the class action lawsuit thrown out by claiming that “Plaintiffs consist of a small group of fame seekers, disgruntled prior associate, and other prior members of KlMKINS whom have been led to believe that there is a pot of gold at the end of the litigation rainbow.” I’m […]

Kimkins and Kimmer’s Hardship

In the latest court documents filed on behalf of Heidi Diaz the class action lawsuit against her, Kimmer is trying to claim hardship to get her frozen assets released. She states: That the writ of attachment issued against my personal and business bank accounts plus have caused severe hardship for my family, my ability to […]

Kimkins Diet Dangers

Recent posts by fellow blogger Medusa report on alarming starvation by dieters at Kimkins, cheered on by the obese diet founder herself, Kimmer. Kimkins advertises “Want to lose 100 pounds? How about in 5 months? Yes, it’s possible, and it doesn’t involve surgery, diet pills or throwing up after every meal. It’s called Kimkins. The […]

Kimkins Diet Scam

Contact the Federal Trade Commission Federal Trade Commission – Offices and BureausThe FTC enters Internet, telemarketing, identity theft and other fraud-related complaints into Consumer Sentinel®, a secure, online database available to hundreds of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies worldwideInternet Crime Complaint CenterInternet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)The IC3 is co-sponsored by the Federal Bureau of […]

Flippy Tippy Changes Diets – Again

While still giving credit to Kimkins for her weight loss, Tippy is presently following Eat Fat Get Thin (EFGT). Tippy has tried this plan before in her weight loss journey but quickly gave up on it that time. Other plans Tippy has tried include Atkins, fat fast, a rotation diet, South Beach, CTF (cut the […]