Happy Thanksgiving

Kimkins when Traveling

Is it even possible? For me, it wouldn’t be. Look at a typical Kimkins approved meal as illustrated in my post here: Kimkins Food How could I possibly eat like that when traveling? 4 oz chicken and a “finger grab” salad for dinner? Egg white omelet instead of the breakfast buffet? Not a chance. I […]

Guilty of Being Overweight

Do you feel guilty for being overweight? Then STOP! Feeling guilty is what causes people to look for quick fixes and starvation diets like Kimkins. Kimmer exploits this guilt by promising fast results and claiming that being “morbidly obese” is worse than anything you might do to your body to get rid of the excess […]

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There will be text in this blog, soon. So far I have only had time to check out Themes.

Tippy Toes – I’m such a loser

In a Kimkins shirt:

Tippy Toes – Quotes

Re: Kimkins:TT on LCF:Some ask how or why I would stay when it has been proven the founder is a fruad. Nothing has been proven to me yet that would merrit this abuse of anyone TT post on kimkins 09/15/2007:“Once upon a low carb time there were two women. One could make things happen on […]