Tipping the Scales to Health

TIPPING THE SCALES TO HEALTH is now open! The online world has a wonderful new resource for desperate dieters and anybody else who is determined to make health a priority in 2009. Join old friends and new as we kick the New Year off with a renewed dedication to health and weight loss!

Dieting Makes You Fat

At least the Kimkins diet seems to. Just look at what it did to Kimmer a.k.a. Heidi Diaz. She went from this to this And that was when she according to herself was an “expert” dieter: I’ve studied weight loss plans for a lifetime, noting what worked. What didn’t. And, most importantly, why. Not only […]

Kimkins still a VLCD Diet

Despite recent efforts to try to “clean up” Kimkins.com, Kimmer is still pushing very low calories. For the pinky swear challenge that started yesterday, February 1, Kimmer had promised to share some weight loss “secrets”. She announced the first “secret” yesterday; eat like a post-op WLS patient! This is what she said:“I’ll share a secret […]

Calories on Kimkins

Kimmer now says: “There is no calorie limit on any Kimkins option whether you choose original Kimkins, K/E (Kimmer Experiment), Boot Camp, Cycling or quick Protein Shakes. Some members prefer specific portions and find Kimkins Boot Camp fits their needs perfectly.” To me, “calorie limit” goes both ways. Maximum calories. Minimum calories. And it is […]

Blaming Kimkins Dieters instead of Kimmer

I have started this post half a dozen times, and can’t seem to get a grip to make it organized and coherent. It’s because I’m angry. I’m angry at Kimmer and her sock puppets blaming the victims in order to divert the blame from the one that deserves it, Heidi Diaz. I’m angry at Kimmer […]

Kimkins Diet Math Scam

In an effort to “clean up” the Kimkins diet disaster, Kimmer recently declared: “It’s best not exceed the 1000 cals, 20 carbs, 20-30 fat grams, and keep the Protein at 60-90 grams per day. These are the limits for newbies, but you will find that as you stick with the plan you will see lower […]

Kimkins Diet Scam on ABC Good Morning America

Local listings are here: ABC Good Morning America Sunday, January 20, 2008?….to be confirmed…. From the TV Guide searchable list: TV listings 8 AM EST Check you local listing

Tippy still supporting Kimkins

Diets in Review said: I wanted to share this Kimkins follow-up with what looks like Kimmer herself. Back in October, Diets In Review shared with you the disappointing news that many Kimkins customers feel that the Kimkins program is fraudulent. Their PR manager, Jeannie Baitinger, responded to Diets In Review and we shared that post […]

What the Mike&Juliet Show didn’t tell you about Kimkins

You might have seen the re-run of the Mike&Juliet show yesterday, featuring the Kimkins diet scam (links at the end of this post). They showed that the diet is nutritionally deficient and that the founder, Kimmer aka Heidi Diaz, lied about her alleged weight loss. Heidi Diaz claimed to have lost 198 pounds in one […]

New Diet

Making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight in 2008? Looking for a new diet that will make it easy to shed the pounds? Considering finding one on the internet? The Diet Detective has a good article what to look for and what to avoid. It is interesting to see how the fad diet of […]