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Tired of Diet Scams

My local radio station is blasting weight loss ads for everything from Evercleanse (lose 10 – 25 pounds of toxic waste from your colon!) to a skin care company (!) that now has developed a diet pill. Online is even worse. New “diet” supplement ads pop up all the time. There must be money to […]

Deceptive Weight Loss Claims

The FTC announced on 19/02/2009 that QVC has agreed to pay $7.5 Million for airing deceptive weight loss claims: QVC to Pay $7.5 Million to Settle Charges that It Aired Deceptive Claims This case seems to have been going on for some time. I found a reference to it from March 2004: Feds Charge QVC […]

Sensa Weight Loss System

Browsing the internet, I come across crazy diets all the time. All of them promise fast and easy weight loss. Often without diet (eat all the food you want!) and without exercise. Magic! Obviously there is a market for these diets. Otherwise they wouldn’t exist. So are we so gullible? Do we so easily believe […]

Joan’s Weight Loss

I haven’t visited my blog for a while and I had a huge amount of spam comments waiting to be deleted. Many of them were from Joan’s Weight Loss. Now, I don’t think there really is a Joan. I also don’t think that the woman shown on this blog lost weight on the Acai and […]

Wu Yi Tea or Acai Berry

Seems that these people don’t know what they used for their weight loss. Here they credit Acai Berry: And here they credit Wu Yi tea: In my previous post, I wrote about how I had been unable to find any studies that supported the claims for Acai Berry having anything to do with weight loss, […]